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Solving Common Plumbing Problems on Your Own



Whether you’re a homeowner or a DIYer, plumbing problems can be intimidating. But you do not have to worry or be a master plumber to tackle common plumbing repairs. With simple tips and tricks, you can take care of almost every emergency plumbing issue in Geelong without having to call in the pros. Here are some strategies for solving common plumbing problems. 

How to Solve Common Plumbing Issues?  

1. Faulty Faucets

Do you have a faulty faucet and are experiencing a leaky tap? Wondering how to get rid of the insanity? The dripping sound of a leaky tap can be annoying, and if it persists, its rhythmic tone often gets stuck in your head. Faulty faucets can be problematic, but you can easily solve this plumbing crisis on your own! 

Most often, the cause of a faulty faucet is a worn-out O-ring (a small rubber ring fixed on a stem screw) that can be easily replaced! They are inexpensive and safe to replace for any DIYer. The O-ring may get worn out over time as the handle is pushed and pulled during operation. It’s during this time that you may start to hear the dripping tap sound at the base of the handle.

2. Leaking Pipes

If you live in old houses, pipes may make up for a bulk of plumbing crises. Such issues may escalate in houses constructed recently, and the pipes are wearing out, as many plumbers use PEX pipes for plumbing installation at homes these days. However, if your plumbing system comprises copper pipes, you may be on the safer side.

It’s because copper is a more robust material than PEX for pipes under normal circumstances. However, the issue with its piping system occurs when it performs poorly under extreme temperature fluctuations. Due to increasing and decreasing temperatures, copper pipes could expand and contract respectively, causing them to break. Meanwhile, PEX pipes are flexible and do not change with changing temperatures. 

To fix leaky pipes, you must first inspect the piping system of your entire house. After this, you can work towards making the exterior faucets easily visible. You can also drain the exterior pipe to prevent expansion on hot summer days (for copper pipes). Apart from this, you can wrap your home’s pipes with insulating tape and cover the exterior faucets with insulating devices for protection. These steps will help you in preventing leaky faucets and fix them. 

3. Toilet Issues

Are you facing issues in your toilet’s plumbing system? Leaks in toilets may often go unnoticed. Such blocked drains in your toilets in Geelong can cost you heavily if not fixed on time. Moreover, if there is an internal leak in the tank, the expenses of repairing the same could be even more. Did you know that a running toilet could give up hundreds of gallons daily?

But what is the cause of such running water in the toilet? One of the primary reasons for running toilets is rubber flapper, which may lose its shape and even prevent the tank’s proper sealing. You can fix it in such cases by purchasing the entire flushing mechanism for less than $20. For this, you can also undergo a DIY toilet leak test using food colouring and fix the new flushing system in your toilet.

4. Worn-Out Hose Bibb

An average hose bibb is not designed to last through multiple seasons, especially if you live in a locality that experiences severe winter frosts. Hose bibbs lose their integrity and could crack due to temperature variations in the atmosphere. In such cases, the hose starts to leak, wasting hundreds of gallons of water every month. 

If you wish to avoid constantly replacing them, you can purchase a heavy-duty frost-proof hose bibb that would withstand variations in temperature during the winters. If you cannot fix the issue and are facing plumbing emergencies, contact a 24/7 emergency plumber in Geelong for immediate assistance!

5. Fixing Clogs and Partial Clogs


Among the many plumbing issues that homeowners face, clogs are a major plumbing problem. A clogged drain that is slow to drain water is a cause of frustration for homeowners and may require an immediate solution. In case of a severe clog, you can use a snake tool or contact a professional for assistance. However, one must refrain from using toxic chemicals down the drain, as they may cause long-term issues for the plumbing system. 

A drain snake is the best tool to come in handy during a plumbing crisis. A snake tool is a curved object with a fixed handle at one end that helps you clear out any in your toilet. You can purchase it from a nearby store if you do not already have it, as it could be useful in case of any future clogs. However, if the clogging persists, you need to contact a professional for assistance as soon as possible. 

6. Hot Water Issues

If you wake up one day to find out your water heater isn’t working, it could spoil your morning routine. Any water heater, at its best, lasts for over 8-10 years. However, rough handling and poor maintenance could cut its lifespan short. If you notice any unusual crackling or popping sound, you may need to contact a plumber from a reputed plumbing company in Geelong to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

Therefore, one must take strict precautionary measures to maintain electronic items such as water heaters or other equipment attached to their plumbing system, to avoid expensive repairs or replacements soon.   


Fixing plumbing problems can seem overwhelming; however, you can follow these simple tips & tricks for managing some of the common plumbing problems at your home in a smart way. It helps you save time and money without having to call a professional for assistance. However, you cannot avoid calling in a plumber in all circumstances. For instance, if you have a burst pipe causing water wastage and other severe issues, you need to contact an emergency plumbing company in Geelong, such as Your Local Plumbing, for immediate assistance!