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The Effects of Landscape Design on Commercial Real Estate



The Effects of Landscape Design on Commercial Real Estate

Impressing a positive image Is the best approach to attract clients to your business.

The question is, how do you make a good impression?

While it bodes well to focus on your business matters, it is also important to consider your shop’s allure from the outside. Consider going outside and put yourself in your customer’s shoes and look at your property’s front space. Your landscape is the first point of contact, and it is critical that it catches your client’s fancy. 

A nicely landscaped space will create a positive impact. Clients are meticulous and they will look at the minutest detail to determine whether they should do business with you or not. A well-trimmed landscape will mean that you are professional, trustworthy, and efficient.


Benefits of Landscape Design 

Keeping a lovely landscape for your business is an opportunity to enhance your surroundings and please and stimulate existing tenants. It is also a way to lure future clients and occupants. 

Start with a basic design that calls for minimum maintenance. Or you can go for a fancy structure that comes with pergolas, sculpture, lighting, and other ornamental elements. An elaborate panorama will be expensive to maintain.


Attract new customers

Landscaping design goes beyond the curb appeal it conveys the character of your business and your personal style. The design can be customized to capture the attention of clientele and future tenants.

There are myriad designs to choose from, but the best idea should give you maximum benefit with minimum upkeep.


Improves function

Provide drama to your landscape so people can relate to it. A beautiful and striking property will show customers and employees that you care.

Commercial landscape maintenance providers know the whole design process and they will customize your project to meet your needs.


Prevents loitering

Visitors, residents, or shoppers with no specific places to pass the time will walk around or likely converge in your building’s façade or lobby. They can be a nuisance by making it difficult for others to enter your building.

Sitting areas in your landscape will give these people a place to linger.


Reduces slips and falls

A well-maintained building landscape can prevent accidents resulting in injuries. Regular pruning of tree branches, flowering plants, and shrubs can reduce the danger of tripping on a wayward branch or stem.


The Economic & Social Value of Landscape Design

A well-structured landscape grabs the attention of customers and a likely knock at the door creating a high occupancy level, better rentals, and reduced vacancies. 

However, the savings outweigh the occupancy rate. The right choice and position of plants bring down the heating and cooling costs by about 20 percent and creates a healthy setting. Landscape reduces noise levels, lower crime, and improves the view which adds up to economic benefits and increased profits.

There are studies that show landscaping provides social benefits. Great views of green areas in a neighborhood can change negative impressions and benefit the well-being of residents. Trees reduce levels of anxiety and violent conduct, and better interaction with neighbors. 

Students with access to natural settings benefit from the views from greens reducing anxiety, stress, and anger. There are fewer signs of ADHD symptoms and girls excel in academics.


Safety and Landscape Design

Well-thought-out landscape design offers both beauty and safety. Here are some ways where you can enjoy the two together:

  • Plants should be carefully selected and well-pruned to maintain a certain height and density for transparency and visibility on the landscape.
  • The precise amount of light in the right places can save energy, money, and reduce pollution too. Instead of flooding spaces with lights bring illumination down closer so drivers and pedestrians can see properly on walkways, driveways, and parking lots.
  • Tenants and visitors prefer the shortest distance to get to their destination. Make sure that the landscape design considers the shortest and safest route possible.
  • Separate a walkway from a roadway to keep pedestrians safe from moving vehicles.
  • A good drainage system that will quickly drain water from pedestrian areas and entryways to keep tenants dry as much as possible when entering or leaving the building. Driveways should be free from water runoffs for the driver and pedestrian’s safety.


Landscape Design Options for Commercial Property

There are many options to choose in your commercial property design but the best one is part form and part function. It should improve the general appearance of the building and the design elements should likewise be functional. To make it work, consider how you want individuals to interact with your property and what you need them to think about your business. You can discuss the landscape design of the property with the property manager

Landscape contractors will provide designs that will blend with your building. They will help you maximize economic, social, and environmental worth with your choice.

Get some inspiration from these landscape designs for your commercial property.


Landscape contractors will show you an array of plantings, pick those that will make your building look appealing all year round.

Deciduous trees

Deciduous trees give up their leaves in the fall and develop new leaves in the spring.

Annual plants

Annual plants last for a year and their seeds pop up the next year.

Vining plants

Vining plants can be trained to go up pergolas and gazebos producing a green-covered area in the center of the commercial landscape.


Hardscaping pertains to non-living components in a landscape design such as patios and fixtures, walkways or footpaths, gazebos, water fountains, and planters.

Other Elements

A well-lit walkway ensures safety. A lit patio or seating space will look stunning at night improving the aesthetics of the landscape.

Ice removal from footpaths will prevent people from slipping.


Health and Landscape Design

A landscape design promotes health and well-being for visitors of your commercial property. It can influence people to workout or just enjoy the great outdoors. A quiet space near a building is a welcome respite for people who want to unwind after a stressful day.

A playground in an apartment building urges children and their parents to go outside. The children play around and mingle with other kids while their parents get some fresh air and exchange pleasantries with neighbors.

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