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The Hottest Trends For Kitchen Cabinetry In 2020



The Hottest Trends For Kitchen Cabinetry In 2020

Are you tired of the paint color of your kitchen cabinets? Or your kitchen needs a major overhaul? Whatever the reason may be, you might be in search of the hottest trends for this year. This is the year to let go of the boring traditional makeovers and add something exciting to your kitchen.

 It is the year dedicated to “living kitchens” having amazing combinations of aesthetics, convenience, and technology. The design trend is popular as it makes life easier and makes the kitchen a loveable part of the home. 

Before you hire professionals for refinishing kitchen cabinet in Peoria AZ, let us have a look at the hottest trends in kitchen cabinetry.


Popular Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

An all-white kitchen can never go out of style but it is time to splash in some colors. Interior designers are more inclined to put in impact hues in kitchens to add more personality to your cooking place.

The best way to incorporate bold colors is to paint your kitchen cabinets. Let us the top 8 popular color choices for this year.

The Hottest Trends For Kitchen Cabinetry In 2020

1. Sage Green

The sage green color is one of the most favorite earthly hues among homeowners. The color made its meteoric rise in 2018 and it is here to stay.

The subdued gray-green combinations are a perfect choice for go-neutral designers.  If you fear too bold or too bright color choices for your kitchen, sage green is the right color for your comfy kitchen.

2. Navy Blue

For those who are in love with bright accents, navy blue is a perfect choice. The intense color accent pops out against the light-colored kitchen walls. 

Kitchen remodeling contractors report that they observed a significant shift towards blue paint colors of kitchen cabinetry. Neutral blues are popular as they blend well with the kitchen walls and are fun to look at.

3. Rich Black

Black is finding its way into the home designs and especially onto the kitchen cabinets. It looks a bit edgy and some may find it too intense for the kitchen but it is a classic. 

The rick black cabinets perfectly pair with the crisp white and wood tones. It looks appealing with almost every color.

4. Rosy Pink

It seems that the popularity of millennial pink has made its mark and rosy hues are here to stay in kitchen design. A soft pink hue with a mix with peach color is a popular color choice. 

The blush pink has emerged as a new neutral shade for homeowners. The color is beautiful and basic.  

5. Peacock Blue

Jewel tones are having a serious moment in interior designs. If you have paid close attention to the color in the last few years, peacock blue might have grabbed your attention. 

The bold color looks amazing on kitchen cabinets paired with the neutral shades in the background.

6. Light Grey

A lot of homeowners go for timeless choices for their kitchens. The most popular is the white monochromatic for years. What follows is a classic blend of light grey with soft hues of lavender color.

 It instantly adds a soft and comfy aura to the kitchen. Crisp white trims and backgrounds can make it look aesthetically appealing.  

7. Mixed Wood Tones

Natural wood is trusted to add luxurious warmth to the house interior. Homeowners are mixing up natural wood with painted cabinets. 

The complimentary wood tones for upper and lower cabinets bring warmth and style. People are venturing into mixed color tones to add a personal touch in their kitchen.    

8. Sea Green

The soft color is so versatile and looks amazing with everything in the kitchen. The color brings in a serene and tranquil feeling. The calming and soothing sea green is everything but plain and boring.

Cabinet Surface Trends

The Hottest Trends For Kitchen Cabinetry In 2020

Matte cabinet surfaces are more popular than any other finish for kitchen cabinetry. This year offers us plenty of varieties when it comes to finishing surfaces. Let us look deeper into the possibilities.

1. Matte Cabinet Surfaces

Matte cabinets have been a timeless choice for impressive kitchens. You can buy matte finished cabinet surfaces right from the store or color the old cabinets with chalk paint. The chalk paint is easy to apply and a perfect choice to give the much-needed facelift to old kitchen cabinets.

The growing popularity of DIY culture is accompanied by more homeowners choosing chalky or matte colors for cabinets. Such colors are easy to handle without making a mess.

2. High Gloss Cabinet Surfaces

If you are a fan of minimalist design, high gloss cabinets can be your perfect companion. High gloss finish adds the sleek oomph to your otherwise plain kitchen design.

 Although it is not to be seen in most of the traditional households, it is not going away soon.

3.  Wood Grain Cabinets

Wood is a classic choice and is here to stay. More homeowners are choosing solid paints for kitchen cabinets but the wood grain is not out of style. 

Distressed cabinet surfaces allow the grain to come through and add a natural look to kitchen design.

Popular Design Trends

The Hottest Trends For Kitchen Cabinetry In 2020

Kitchen cabinets are a lot more than storage places now. They are designed to keep homeowners organized with convenience. Minimum hardware is paired with multi-purpose additions.  

1. Open Frame Cabinets

Open frame cabinets feature glass panels that are framed with wood. It is a middle ground between open shelving and traditional all-closed cabinets.

 The design is more popular with light-colored kitchens. The glass panels create an illusion of open space making kitchens a brighter place to eat and cook.

2. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a greatly popular choice, especially for the smaller kitchens. It is a more space-saving option making cabinets much more industrial. You need to put in a bit more effort to keep it super organized.  

3. Transitional Cabinets

Modern homeowners are incorporating transitional style kitchen cabinets. It may confuse some of you but it is a blend of traditional and modern pieces. Add in custom painting to get unique kitchen cabinets for your home.


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