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Turn That Empty Garage into the Perfect Space



Palo Alto general contractor

If you are not using your garage area to park your vehicles, then it’s a good idea to convert this space into a functional ADU unit. If you want to hire a reliable Palo Alto general contractor, you should contact Castillo Remodeling or visit our website to know more about our services.

So, let us understand how you can convert your garage into a perfect space.

Things you require while converting a garage to an ADU unit:

  • First of all, you have to hire an ADU specialist in your locality. If you want a trusted ADU contractor in Bay Area, you can contact our professionals who will guide you in building your ADU unit.
  • You will require a permit to build your ADU unit as there is a demand for more living space. Many states have permitted to convert the garage into an ADU unit. So, you can arrange the permit to build an ADU unit on your property.
  • You need to arrange materials that include concrete, wood, wiring, plumbing, other construction materials, and furniture or decorative items.

How to convert your garage into a perfect space?

  • Convert the wide garage door into a smaller one:

You can convert the wide, open garage door into the walls of your ADU unit. You can build a small door as you have in your house. This will serve as the entrance of your ADU unit.

  • Work on the electrical wiring:

You have to focus on the wiring.  Usually, our garages do not have proper electrical wiring. But if you want to build a separate house in that place, then you have to think about wiring it properly, which you will require to connect your refrigerator, TV, microwave, lights, and fans.

  • Plumbing work should be done with the help of a professional:

You need to work on plumbing as garages do not have any plumbing done in them. So, there will be no running water connection. That’s why you need to do plumbing so that you can get water supply in that unit.

  • Upgrade the Insulation:

Garages often have no or poor insulation compared to the main residential unit. So, you have to think about insulating your ADU unit before you finish the walls. This will help your space to be climate-controlled.

  • Work on the flooring:

Garages do not have high-end flooring installed. So, you have to replace the concrete flooring of your garage and install your favorite flooring

Epoxy Flooring: This type of flooring can seal the concrete and is also applied in different thicknesses. T makes the floor resistant as the coating is very thick, durable, and hard. Hence, you do not need to apply it again and again on your floor.

Polyurethane Flooring: This type of flooring is similar to epoxy in terms of performance. However, the coating is thinner than epoxy and is less resistant to chemicals.

  • Invest in the heating and cooling systems:

You need to install heating and cooling systems in your ADU unit to keep the area climate-controlled. This will require major renovation if the space is big. If the space is small then you will need a simple renovation

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint:

Paint is one of the most important factors that you need to do in your ADU unit. You will need a fresh coat as you are required to update the wall with new paint.

  • Accessorize your space:

Finally, you have to work on the aesthetics of the space by adding furniture, lights, mirrors, rugs, cushions, and curtains. This will add a charm to your space and give it a fresh new look.


ADUs can be very beneficial for your home if you want to resolve the space problem in your home. However, you can contact our professionals to build an ADU unit without facing any legal hassles.

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