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What Makes The Differences Between 2 Car Garage and 4 Car Garage?



Two Car Garage

Metal garages are incredible structures that offer a safe and secure shed for your vehicle and household stuff. Nothing is wrong with having more space in the garage building. It can create additional value for you. For people who want a large garage facility, 2 car metal garages and 4 car garage are the best option for them.

Compared to the single car garages, these buildings are extensive and complex. People who own more than one car prefer to go for more comprehensive facilities that offer more room for vehicle parking and equipment storage.

You can consider the following discussion if you want to purchase one multi-car parking building and are confused between 2-car or 4-car metal garage buildings.

Quest of Best Metal Garage Building

Whenever it comes to buying garage buildings, metal buildings are the primary choice. Before the use of metal in the construction of garage buildings these facilities, timber was the first choice of people. But the scenario is entirely different now. Metal buildings have become the first choice of millennials.

If In terms of design, there is no significant difference between two car and four car garage buildings. But there is a massive difference in terms of size. Compared to a 2 garage facility, 4 car garage building is almost double in size.

Know About 2 Car Metal Garages

As a limited garage facility for residential property, metal buildings are the most prominent choice of people. A two car garage structure is a perfect fit for parking 2 cars simultaneously. The size of a two-car garage starts from 20×21, and these structures are available in all three regular, boxed eave, and all vertical styles. 

You can select any of these three based on local weather conditions and your requirement. But, it is more effective to consider 20×20 size at least to maintain proper ergonomics without having any trouble.

Average Size and Capacity of 2 Car Metal Garage Building

When selecting a garage facility for your property, choosing the structure’s dimensions is the most important. The length of an average car is about 17 feet and almost 7 feet wide; based on this specification, if you are looking for a 2 car garage facility, you must consider a 24×24 garage building with an appropriate height according to your needs.

Apart from parking and storage purposes, you can consider some other applications for these structures. For example, a 2 car garage is suitable for a home office, mancave, residential space, small workshop, multi-purpose building, or recreational facility.

Extend the Scope of Parking with a 4 Car Metal Garage

In some cases, space offered by a two car facility is not enough for parking and storage purposes. In this situation, you can look for a broader facility that can provide more parking and storage space. From the future perspective, going for a larger facility is much more efficient.

A 4 car metal garage structure will also be efficient for you if you purchase more cars in the future. We often don’t see a four car garage in residential buildings. They can usually be found on luxurious properties.

According to the size of an average American car, it is efficient for you to select 4 car garage 36 feet wide and 24 feet long. Based on the extensive size of your vehicle, you can plan custom changes in the structure by conveying them to the dealer.

Not only cars, but these facilities are also adequate for various other vehicle types, including boats, bikes, cabinetry, DIY projects, and sometimes for office space or personal areas.

Size and Scope of Prefab 4 Car Garage

If you are considering a four car garage building for your property, you can plan the orientation of the garage in different ways. For example, you can plan 2 large or 4 small rolling doors based on your requirements. Apart from the rolling doors, you can also add some walk-in doors in the garage building for more convenience and better accessibility.

Which One is Good For You, Four Car Garage or Two Car Garage?

Selection of any 2 car or 4 car garage depends on your storage or functional requirement. In the selection process, you can list all criteria to assess which building will effectively fulfill your needs. You can also go through the cost analyses to finalize the structure based on your budget limitations.