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Your Home Value and Water Damage Restoration



Your Home Value and Water Damage Restoration

Throughout the life of an individual, he works towards the desired goal. For most of us, that goal is having one’s own independent home where everything is according to our desire. One works through jobs struggles through life’s hardships and relentlessly works to achieve that goal. Once achieved, we do everything humanly possible to ensure that our home stands out in terms of both structure and interior design. Everyday maintenance, decorations, and vigilance make it possible to keep up with the original neatness and organized atmosphere of the house over time. What happens when your whole life’s investment is threatened to fall apart due to one natural calamity, or one unfortunate event of a pipe burst or sewage spill? Don’t freak out because we are here to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen.

Of course, we cannot stop any natural calamity or pipe burst from taking place but what we can stop is water damage; so your home and everything you own doesn’t lose its pristine condition. Water damage can be caused by any of the following reasons; floods, storms, burst pipe, sewage back spill, laundry water overflow, bath overflow, and kitchen sink overflow. The excess water within property premises not only threatens the tiles or the carpets in that place but affects furniture and even the structure of the house adversely.


Sewage Spills

Sewage water contains a dangerously high percentage of pathogens which prove fatal to the health of individuals. Moreover, the odor which is associated with sewage spills combined with the unsightly visuals makes the water damage repair task a very challenging one.


Adverse Effects of Water

Leaving water affected areas leads to numerous water-borne diseases as well as rapid fungal and microbial growth. Both these factors prove hazardous for the health of any individual who is within the premises. Upholstery that comes in contact with water experiences rapid wearing out and permanent water stains if not treated timely. Similarly, tiles and grout deteriorate and crack under the long term influence of water. Electrical appliances may short circuit and if their power supply is not cut off, they increase the probability of electric shocks which may be experienced by anyone who physically contacts the water. 


Water Damage Restoration

We know the details of water damage paint a haunting picture, and the after-effects of water damage can be irrevocable if not treated timely and properly which is why GroutExpert offers water damage restoration and cleanup services. Our team not only repairs the home but also ensures that any residual waste is cleaned up and you do not have to fuss over any post-process task. Our water damage restoration and the cleanup team make sure of your safety first and take the necessary measure to ensure your health safety. Moreover, the water damage repair is done systematically and according to the type of water affecting your premises. Water is classified into three basic types;

1. Clean Water which constitutes of every day, hygienic water.

2. Grey Water which constitutes of the remnant water of baths, sinks, laundry and kitchen appliances.

3. Black Water which constitutes the dirty water from toilets.

The goal to repair the home is achieved through the following process;

Extraction of water from the premises is the first and foremost step. This is done to ensure that the adverse effects of water are controlled to the highest possible extent. Carpets and upholstery are also taken out to be dried in the sun if the need arises.

This is followed by the step of evaporation in which modern equipment such as air transporters are used to get rid of every last ounce of water from the affected region completely.

After this, the process of dehumidification takes place which is the same in effect as evaporation. The moisture is ventilated out of the room by means of dehumidifiers

The process is concluded by observing temperature control techniques that guarantee absolute moisture removal thereby preventing any further water-related damage and mold formation.


Call Professionals!

We know your homes hold your lifetime’s monetary and emotional investment. We also realize the importance of keeping up with that investment for as long as possible. Therefore, our water damage restoration and the cleanup team aims to repair the home. Water damage repair is a daunting task and should never be undertaken at home. Additionally, there is no need to burden yourself with the overwhelming task when our water damage repair techniques are at your service. Although, while you wait for our team of experts to reach your place, you should take the following safety measures; 

ü Keep distance from the contaminated areas and do not come into physical contact with the raw sewage.

  • Turn off the electricity supply to all-electric appliances.
  • Do your part and take out as much excess water on an immediate basis as you can.

So, in case of any such misfortunate event, don’t refrain from calling Professionals to repair the home. 

We are Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts.