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How John LoPresti Used His Past To Accelerate His Future



John LoPresti

John LoPresti​ currently runs the largest Residential Mortgage Lending Branch in the Northeast Division of Cardinal Financial Company. However, getting to this point was never easy for him.

After his father passed away during his childhood, ​LoPresti ​watched his mother, and older siblings work harder than ever to make life be as normal as possible. Watching his mother put herself through Law School as a single mom of three children taught LoPresti the concepts of dedication, endurance, and strength. ​LoPresti​ explains, “I credit my hard work, competitiveness, and toughness to my mother. She set the example for us to never give up, never quit, and always work as hard as you can… and I took that same mentality into the workplace”. LoPresti went on to explain that everything that he went through as a child is now the reason why he fights to get every client the best deal possible.

As ​John LoPresti​ grew closer to his stepfather, Jim Clooney, he learned even more from him than he could ever imagine. Not only did his stepfather train him in sports, but he also encouraged him to get involved in the business world. During high school, ​LoPresti​ began working for his step father’s company in the Residential Mortgage Industry. It was here where LoPresti learned exactly what he wanted to do when he graduated from college. LoPresti instantly became motivated to get into the Mortgage Business.

When first getting started, ​LoPresti​ explained the challenges which he faced, saying, “One of the biggest challenges when I first started in the Mortgage Industry was obtaining new business at a young age. When you’re young and don’t own home yourself, it was hard to have borrowers relate to me. It was also hard for me to earn the trust of realtors and accountants and others who would refer clients to me”.

John LoPresti​ didn’t let these challenges define him. Instead, he let them motivate him to work even harder. LoPresti went on to explain how important mindset is when starting your own business. He believes that being able to have a clear mindset is essential when first starting a business. He also recommends new business owners to have certain habits such as going to bed at the same time every night or waking up at the same time every morning.

Most important of all, ​John LoPresti​ encourages young entrepreneurs and business owners to follow their heart, and believe in themselves. LoPresti states, “Do not give up. Most businesses fail at first, but the ones that keep plugging away and believe in it are the ones that make it successful. Be ready to invest for over three years. Be relentless”.

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