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How to Create an Elegant and Stylish Bathroom Look



How to Create an Elegant and Stylish Bathroom Look

You don’t need to break the bank and go into bankruptcy in order to get a nice and elegant bathroom look. You can do this all with some simple planning, good ideas, and some hard work and elbow grease. A good eye can do much more than a thick wallet.

Simple things like lighting, accents, knowing where goes what, simple things that on their own don’t mean much, but when properly combined, can do wonders for your bathroom and the general value of your home. So, read on below to find out exactly how you can make the most out of your bathroom design.

White Elegance

Getting white cabinets and countertops can really give a dash of elegance to your bathroom. Simplicity for simplicities sake leads to a gorgeous style that says all that it needs to say. A nice, natural paint color for your walls, some extra white bath linens, even a nice white rug, it all adds to a beautiful five-star hotel look. Now, we’re not saying you go minimalistic, even though it has many benefits.

Some gold accents, some gold trim, maybe gold or soft gold tiles, it all adds up, it moves things forward. Basically, anything you add to your simple white bathroom will be greatly emphasized. This can be both a good and a bad thing, so be mindful of how you decorate.


A Dash of the Outdoors

This one is not that easy to pull off, both in terms of logistics and money. However, even traces of nature can do wonders. Try to incorporate the outdoors as some kind of element into your bathroom. Get as much natural light as possible, keep the windows as large as you can. Two-way windows, some that are glazed over or simply covered can give you the light you want, and the privacy you need.  

However, even if completely redecorating your bathroom isn’t an option, getting some nature in can truly help. Some plants, maybe natural artwork, some rocks and stones that give it a natural look, it all serves as a reminder of the outdoors we all come from.


Be a Master of Illusion

Another way you can get more out of your bathroom is by being a master of illusion. Namely, using space and form in such a way where you can make it seem larger, or nicer. For example, adding as much glass as you can, keeping things translucent can help you improve things. Installing nice corner shower screens made out of glass, for example, can make the place seem larger. Even if this glass isn’t see-through, it can still add to the elegance and illusion of the bathroom.

You can also create space through intelligent use of cupboards, countertops, laundry baskets… Floating accents, shelves, and countertops can make the place seem larger. Resist the urge of filling up this empty space. The most you can do is add a small decorative item or plant, and nothing more.

Wood and the Orient

Wood within your bathroom gives off the vibe and feel of a spa retreat. It calms you, it soothes you, and it’s your own little retreat. For example, the wood used as flooring and for horizontal walls gives off a kind of ski lodge/high-end spa feel. Furthermore, keep the entire place in neutral paint colours, some natural décor, and you are good to go.

However, you can also imitate a bit of an oriental/Asian style. We are not focusing on any specific culture, a simple mishmash of the Far East can go a long way. Get some warm tiles, some bamboo sheeting, maybe a bamboo screen even. 


Wallpaper Accents and Painted Glass

Using wallpaper properly can get you a nice, old-school look for basically pennies. Get some old-school wallpaper borders, maybe wallpaper with crown melding even. Of course, you need adequate ventilation if you want things to stay the shape and style you want them too. However, ask around, maybe get some temporary wallpaper, and simply changing it up from time to time.

Glass tiles don’t have to be neutral, they don’t have to be boring and just plain. A simple glass tile backsplash near your mirror can get off a nice artsy vibe. Keep these glass tiles in pretty, vibrant colours, maybe even create a small mosaic if you want.



Who says you need to spend a fortune if you want a nice looking bathroom? Sure, money does help, it makes things easier, but with some imagination and a sense of style you can get pure elegance and beauty right in your home. Be a master of illusion, make the most out of the space you have. Stick to a nice, clean white pallet, and maybe get some wood and oriental accents as well. A dash of the outdoors can do wonders, and natural light can give an oasis-like vibe to the place. Strive towards creativity, and you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for.