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Jake Brackenwagen Is Building Wealth From Buying The Homes That Other Real Estate Investors Completely Disregard



Jake Brackenwagen

Jake Brackenwagen had a net worth of over a million dollars before he legally could buy his first drink. Not only is that an impressive accomplishment for someone in their early twenties, but the process he went through to make it happen is also quite interesting.

I’m not too well-versed in the area of real estate, however, I have in fact learned a fair amount about that industry from simply talking with various experts. And while I have a few interesting strategies, nothing tops the business model that Jake shared with me.

Jake follows a process that he calls “transactional engineering” which is a bit different than what most real estate investors use. His method is in-between the world of being an investor and an agent, though it isn’t actually either one.

“A transactional engineer is a person who creates money and wealth for themselves out of thin air by engineering win-win-win transactions no matter what the situation is with the house,” Jake told me. His current focus is using what he’s learned from his local market and spending the next 10 years finding the best deals in America. He knows how many owners will be in need of his help in the coming years.  Some owners will be in such a bind that he won’t be able to do anything other than pointing them in the right direction. While he will be able to directly help. 

“Nothing is more stressful than a poorly performing property that won’t sell, and getting creative is often the only option,” Jake informed me. “Adding value where it counts and structuring the deals so both parties win is how I get my kicks.”

Starting November of 2020, Jake will be fully on the road making deals come together.  Commercial Real estate is what Jake believes will be hit the hardest, but it is also where he believes the most opportunity is.

I loved hearing about the fact that he’s actually helping people get through hard times. Sometimes the homeowner is approaching foreclosure and it’s Jake business that comes to save the day. Unlike many real estate experts that you may come across online, Jake is actually in the trenches running his business. So if you are in the real estate space, or are looking to get into it, you should definitely have a chat with him to explore how you can incorporate his model into your own company.

Who knows, I may even have to give this “transactional engineering” process a shot myself!


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