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REAL INVESTMENT: How Justin Havre & Associates – RE/MAX First Is Generating 2 Billion Dollars In Sales



Justin Havre

Do you want to build wealth consistently than any other asset class? The answer is definitely yes! But one of the most commonly asked questions is, “where should I invest my money?” People frequently look for magical investment opportunities. Some investors prefer a diversified portfolio over the long haul as the way to go. According to the US Department of Labour, this has been synonymous with investing, yet 95% of people are not economically independent at the age of 65. Other groups of entrepreneurs feel that real estate is the best investment because it provides tax advantages, potential cash flow, leverage by borrowing from the bank, and a way to build sweat equity if you fix it up. Real estate has also proven to be a much safer place to invest your money than in the stock market, as the stock market can be very volatile. 

Justin Havre is the founder and president of Justin Havre & Associates. He is currently leading Canada’s #1 RE/MAX Team while based in the country’s most challenging market. Most recently, the business leader has led his team to be the top real estate team in Canada and his team placed #9 in the world back in 2018 (2019 results to be updated by March 2020). His elite group, with about 50 staff members and agents, has built a proven system and processes that bring in nearly 2 billion dollars in sales volume. But how does the guru achieve this?

Work Smart And Be Surrounded By The Right people

It is true that who you surround yourself with statistically affects your success. Therefore, surrounding yourself with the right and useful people changes everything. You automatically find yourself working hard, thinking faster, and learning more fundamentals. 

When Justin Havre left Norway and went to Canada, he was a very humble and authentic man with a vision. He had little knowledge about English, but the expert was passionate about seeing his dream come true. By working hard and getting the right people around him, Havre has managed to build a multi-million real estate company- one of the most successful in the world. He currently owns a 9 figure domain portfolio, including the acquisition and sales of significant geo domains such as 

Put Yourself In ‘Drive’ To Succeed

There is always a particular something that motivates successful people to achieve and live the lives of their dreams- a deep, intentional drive to succeed. Your drive needs to be created by the imagination of reward ahead of you and overcoming the lack that exists. It is through that vision that deep emotion is summoned and propels one forward. 

Havre has learned through failure. His drive to succeed is what has made him a ‘self-made millionaire.’ He self-taught himself to be an entrepreneur. He went ahead to creating websites generating multiple seven figures in sales commission every year. He builds websites that do not rely on pay-per-click traffic and lead purchase, leading website industry that is developed for long-term web authority with huge organic traffic. His push for marketing innovation and creative sales strategies has delivered results for his clients. 

Disrupting the Norm of Real Estate Culture

Changing real estate culture is one of the most difficult challenges. This is because the organization’s culture comprises an interlocking set of goals, processes, roles, values, communication practices, assumptions, and attitudes. However, Justin Havre has managed. 

The expert, though generating large volume sales in revenue, his teams’ success has been built on a foundation of integrity, trust, and personal development. The core of his training is in personal development, support, and emotional awareness.  

Therefore, if you are planning to invest, or you find yourself in a dilemma whether to invest in real estate, in stock or any other investment, then choose real estate. It is far more rewarding than investing in the stock market. You will enjoy a great way of multiplying your capital. Therefore, invest today and be successful. Success in our careers is meant to be a vehicle to create a memorable experience for ourselves, and with the ones we love. It is not yet late. We are just at the beginning of a new decade, and if you invest wisely, you will have a story to tell.