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Selling your property, where to start?



The sale of real estate is far from being a trivial operation. It is an important event in life! Whether selling your detached house or selling your apartment, you must follow a certain number of steps. Sponsor them – All , explains the process to follow to sell your property quickly, safely and serenely.

The decision to sell the property

The first step is obviously to decide to sell your property. If after careful consideration, you are ready to sell, you will now have to choose how to proceed. Indeed, you have two options:  sell the property on your own or use a real estate professional . It is a very important decision, because each choice involves advantages and disadvantages , which must be analysed beforehand.

Be careful, if you choose to sell your apartment or house by yourself, it will require a more or less long duration and above all significant efforts. Between the filtering of contacts, the management of visits, the negotiation and all the knowledge required, the sale of a property can be very energy-intensive when you are not part of it. Without forgetting, the fact of ensuring the viability of the financing of the customers… As the saying goes: “everyone has his job”, this is why, it is more prudent to be accompanied by a professional of the local real estate, which will take things in hand for you.

The estimate of the value of your property

The next step will be to define the selling price  according to the real value of your property and this according to the current market . We advise you to contact real estate agencies close to your area. These will help you estimate the price of your property in order to know what it is really worth on the real estate market thanks to their expertise and perfect mastery of the sector. Several criteria are involved in the estimate (remove: from the sale price of real estate): the geographical location (remove from the apartment), its surface area, its exterior, the layout, the work to be planned, the luminosity, the consumption of energy…

The preparation of the elements necessary for the sale

Certain documents are required to sell a house or an apartment. Without these, the transaction could not be completed. These include, among others:

  • a copy of the deed of sale, also called title deed (given upon acquisition of the property),
  • the cadastral survey
  • urban planning documents for the works carried out (extension, construction, etc.)
  • if it is a condominium, then a multitude of documents will be needed such as the condominium regulations, AG minutes, etc.
  • of a certificate of non-mortgage.

Not all of them are mandatory, so your real estate advisor can help you with these steps.

When you have finished preparing all the documents essential for the sale of the property, we advise you to repair the defective equipment. In addition, repaint the faded walls, declutter the rooms and take care of the decoration of the apartment. This will put you in a good position to publish your real estate ad and promote the crush of your customers.

The publication of the real estate ad

If you entrust the sale of your property to a real estate agency, this step is entirely the responsibility of the latter. The qualified and competent agents of the agency will first take care of taking beautiful photographs of your property, taking care of the smallest detail, for an irreproachable quality of these. The photos (remove: of the apartment offered for sale) are in fact the first link with the buyers. (remove: Professionals take the necessary measures to ensure that the quality of the photos taken is truly impeccable). We therefore avoid photos of rooms that are poorly arranged, or blurred, or poorly framed, because they will not make the accommodation attractive to buyers. Choose photos taken during the day with beautiful light. These are more attractive and rewarding than photos taken at night or on a stormy day.

A real estate ad must include several mandatory information:

  • the description of the property for sale,
  • the selling price of the accommodation,
  • specific information such as lot number, status of proceedings and amount of charges for condominiums.

Your real estate advisor will be able to capture the interest of buyers through an ad specially written for your property. It’s his job and he will make the difference.

To reach as many people as possible, the ad should be posted on  real estate portals with a large audience . Real estate agencies will offer you a multitude of sites, which it will be impossible for you to compete with without the support of a real estate agency at your side. By betting on such a solution, you will increase your chances of quickly finding a buyer likely to make you a good purchase offer.

The stage of real estate visits

This is the time to schedule a visit so that they can appreciate your accommodation in a real situation. Before the day of the visit, tidy up and clean your home, so as not to give a bad impression to buyers. The first seconds will be decisive! Likewise, make sure you have all the necessary documents at hand (diagnostics, invoices, etc.) Also be sure to answer the questions asked by visitors in order to dispel any doubts or reservations.

Negotiating the price and the sales agreement

If a buyer submits an offer to you, that’s good news. However, do not be in a hurry to accept it. If you collaborate with a real estate skip tracing agency, it will help you to make a decision and will be of great help in defending your interests. Indeed, if the offer is lower than the value of your property, it will try to negotiate the price upwards or find another buyer. If you get an offer that meets your expectations, all you have to do is sign  a sales agreement  with your future buyer. With always as a priority to ensure the reliability of the financing.

Here too, if you choose to be accompanied by a real estate agency, the agency will relieve you of all steps for the sales agreement since it is she who will draft it and organise the signing in her agency with your buyers and you. even in a short time. If you manage your sale yourself, you will be dependent on your notary’s schedule… at the risk that things do not progress as you wish.

The signing of the authentic deed of sale

Before the signature, you will have to check with your notary that the funds have indeed been paid by your buyers to the notarial office, because this represents your selling price.

The notary in charge of drafting & reading your authentic deed will be the one chosen by you when signing the sales agreement. Your buyers will also have the possibility of being represented by a notary of their choice. In this case, he will be designated as notary known as accompanying.

The signing of the authentic deed therefore materialises the final sale of the property in the legal sense of the term. Your notary is responsible for proofreading the deed of sale, validating it and certifying that the keys to the property sold have been handed over to the buyer.

A revisit is customary before the notary signature, with your buyers, to take readings of water metres, edf… but also to ensure that the property is clean, garden maintained…