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It is no secret that Miami Beach has one of the most fascinating and captivating histories which attracts people from all around the world. From its beaches to it’s nightlife to its palatial home designs, this is a place that people gravitate to in order to enjoy their life to the fullest. When specifically discussing the topic of real estate, Eric Broad is a third-generation realtor in Miami Beach. His grandfather, Meyer Kotler, arrived in Miami Beach shortly after World War II and decided to plant his roots in the developing community by creating M. Kotler Realty. Meyer was known to be a visionary and Eric grew up closely watching his grandfather turn his dreams into a reality. He observed his grandfather’s authentic passion for the real estate sector and his ability to assemble an admirable portfolio positioning him to be what many would consider, way ahead of his time. He saw value in what others could not see and made calculated investments based on foresight and intuition. Having been exposed to so much at an early age, Eric decided it was in his blood to continue building on his grandfather’s legacy and essentially take the torch.

Inside of Miami-Dade County is a small town known as Bay Harbor Islands. This is actually the town where Dexter “The Bay Harbor Butcher” was filmed. In this small town located roughly twenty-five minutes north of the popular South Beach, this is where Eric decided he was going to be a specialist when it came to real estate. He understood the inherent value in this particular region and determined that this was going to be where he concentrated a majority of his efforts becoming polished in this profession. Rather than be a jack of all trades, Eric determined that his mission was to become the face of Bay Harbor Real Estate. Whether you are renting a small apartment or purchasing a water-front multi-million dollar home, Eric Broad has built a reputation for being able to facilitate any and every transaction. His wealth of knowledge in this particular region is simply unparalleled and a true testament to his dedication towards studying the intricacies of this unique town.

In the world of real estate, being knowledgeable is critical as this could be the difference between making a winning or losing deal. And when you make a mistake in real estate, the stakes are certainly high. It is safe to assume that many people rely on the expertise of their agents to guide them in the right direction. In many instances, a real estate transaction is arguably the biggest financial decision a person makes so having the right information is of utmost importance. Eric has successfully branded himself as “the guy” to call when dealing with anything real estate related in the town of Bay Harbor Islands.  He’s been fortunate to build a coveted rolodex but prides himself on giving everyone the same level of care no matter how big or small the transaction is. His purpose is to make a difference and ensure that whoever he represents will experience a level of expertise that will raise the bar going forward. That is what he was taught and that is how he operates. Similar to when you find a financial advisor or attorney who stands out from the rest, it can be just as rewarding when you come across a diligent and methodical real estate agent who understands their trade better than the rest.

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