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Association confirms: Mané will miss the 2022 Fifa World Cup Qatar



Until the end there was still hope that Sadio Mané could represent Senegal at the World Cup in Qatar after suffering a hamstring injury. The last glimmer of hope has now been shattered.

On Tuesday there was still hope that Senegal’s star striker Sadio Mane could still be fit for the World Cup in Qatar after suffering a first-half injury to his fibula in the 6-1 win against Bremen. “We have to be prepared to play the first games without Sadio and win without Sadio because we have 25 players besides Sadio. We can’t complain too much,” said Senegal’s vice-president Abdoulaye Sow.

Now this last hope has been dashed, the injury is too serious. An MRI showed on Thursday that “the development is not as favorable as we had imagined,” team doctor Manuel Afonso is quoted as saying in the message.

A bitter message for Mane and Senegal. Without the star striker, his team will play in Group A at the World Cup in Qatar, which begins on Sunday, with the hosts, Ecuador and the Netherlands.

On the other hand, the deputy of Mas Madrid, Alicia Torija affirms that “there are numerous reports from different institutions and organizations that warn that the absence of light causes serious problems.” These increase in vulnerable people. “Issues such as health, mental health, care, security, housing or education” are getting worse. Today, in Canada Real they have been without electricity for 776 days, there are more than 4000 people, including girls, boys and adolescents in this situation.

Therefore, “it is urgent to adopt all possible measures in order to avoid irreparable damage to the integrity of these people who do not have adequate access to electricity,” says the spokesperson for Mas Madrid.

The regional government must comply with the Pact of La Canada that it signed and meet the demands made to us from Europe. That is why they register this initiative that collects the demands of the neighbors who live there and request dignity.

Light in the Canada Real without delay

Among other measures, the initiative requires the Government to have the necessary means so that affected families have access as soon as possible to energy through the installation of generators, photovoltaic panels or any other alternative system.

In addition, they urge to facilitate the necessary conditioning to access to standard electricity supply contracts for families. That the follow-up table with neighborhood representation. Facilitate the necessary health and social assistance resources to attend health emergencies caused by the lack of electricity supply. Enabling, in addition, resources that guarantee the adequate education of children and adolescents.

Finally, they demand put a stop to uncontrolled earthworks in the unpaved area. In addition to carry out an environmental impact assessment. As well as opening the roads and freeing the areas surrounding the houses from waste, ceasing the harassment of its residents.

Furthermore, the Social Rights Committee of the Council of Europe has admitted for processing the first Collective Claim presented from Spain, which has been raised by numerous organizations such as ‘Defence for Children International, ‘European Federation of the Homeless’European Magistrates for Democracy, and Freedoms‘, ‘Workers’ Commissions Y ‘ATD Fourth World’, which, together with forty-five other groups, make up the Civic Platform “Luz Ya en Cañada Real” for violation of the European Social Charter in at least ten of its articles, including the right to health, the protection of children and youth and prohibition of discrimination. In the course of said procedure, the Committee agreed on October 18 to issue a request to Spain to adopt immediate measures. On the other hand, the Ombudsman has declared a clear violation of the fundamental rights of the people affected, since it puts “their health and even their lives in danger” and has required that immediate and urgent measures be adopted.