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Athletes, Sports Drinks and Hydration Come in Many Forms—But Only BYLT Covers It All with One Sip



Athletes, Sports Drinks and Hydration Come in Many Forms—But Only BYLT Covers It All with One Sip

Hot days. Hard work. Dehydration. Exhaustion.

Athletes know plenty about working out and replenishing fluids. Being aware of the latter can make or break an athletic regimen, regardless of whether you’re playing in the NFL, training for a marathon or running on a treadmill in your basement. Staying hydrated is the key to success, whatever your workout goals may be.

Less obvious are those of us who can expend the energy of an athlete while simply maintaining a rigorous work schedule, extended travel plans or running errands and shuttling our kids to multiple activities in a single afternoon.

Your definition of a “workout” may differ, but the dehydration will be the same for landscapers, construction workers, anyone who steps off a plane after a long flight or a mom or dad, on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In a world driven by technology that keeps us all moving at a non-stop, “Beat-the-Clock” pace, hydration, endurance and recovery are pivotal to success and fulfillment, regardless of how you flex your athletic muscles.

Boosting efforts to keep us ahead of the curve —traditional athletes and those who maintain athletic-like schedules—are BYLT electrolyte sports drinks. This drink has no artificial additives, preservatives or caffeine, but instead relies instead on a patented carbohydrate that releases energy over time. There is neither an energy spike nor a crash.

BYLT responds to our body’s basic need to refuel, repair, recover and rehydrate. BYLT’s carbohydrates generate the energy needed to perform longer and harder—Beyond Your Limit Training, if you will. One hundred percent plant-based amino acids support the repair and recovery of muscle tissue that breaks down during workouts—however you define a workout.

“Our drink has a patented SmartCarb® technology,” said Joey Firestone, a former athlete and exercise science specialist who is the CEO and Founder of Elite Beverage, which produces BYLT sports drinks. “It gives you extended energy over time. You don’t get that crash afterwards. We also added Hydromax, a key ingredient that pushes fluid into the body at a cellular level resulting in “hyper-hydration”. Proper fluid balance is needed for any kind of activity, even if it’s just leisurely playing golf. It’ll help to give you a little edge.”

And how about the airline traveler, who may be a less-than obvious candidate for a rehydration drink. Throw in a soda or cocktail on the flight and the need for hydration can creep up on you, hitting hard upon arrival.

“Someone who is traveling on a plane, seated for how many hours, replenishing those electrolytes can give them stability and help them feel better,” Joey said.

The Miami-based Elite Beverage introduced two BYLT flavors in late 2018, expanded with two more flavors in 2019 and then was granted the SmartCarb® patent in 2021. Blazing a path through test markets, BYLT now has 7 flavors and expanded distribution to over 1,500 stores, including chains like 7-Eleven, Golds Gyms, and LA Fitness.

BYLT’s  SmartCarb® technology relies on Palatinose, a natural carbohydrate derived from sugar beets. Unlike sugars that are absorbed by the body quickly, Palatinose maintains stronger bonds between glucose and fructose, which takes longer to break down, allowing the body to maximize this energy source over extended periods of time.

Also, a BYLT ingredient Spectra contains 29 fruit and vegetable extracts, antioxidants that boosts nitric oxide levels, which in turn increase blood flow—a benefit for the athlete and non-athlete alike.

“More blood means more energy and oxygen,” according to, “which makes our brain perform better.”

Fazy is a contributor at Kivo Daily and many more notable publications.