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Kosher Capper: Betting on Sports and Winning at Life



The pursuit of one’s passion can be a fun and profitable venture. However, like most good things life, it comes with a lot of pitfalls one should be cautious of, and one might even end up losing everything. 

And with that being said, it is safe to infer that going after a passion is a lot like gambling. But as a person who loves the thrill, Bernie placed a bet on his dreams and followed his heart. 

Bernie Waldman, more prominently known as “Kosher Capper,” is one of the most sought-after sports consultants in the industry. And hailing from the broad and fiery streets of New York City, he has a spunk that allows him to render unrivaled expertise in crafting strategies for making bets and placing wagers.

Bernie’s passion for sports became the impetus of a career that unfolded when he was just sixteen years old. At that time, sports betting was already a common pastime gaining more and more attention each day. Some people bet for entertainment purposes while others wager based on the profit potential. But for the sixteen-year-old, it was a mixture of both. 

So combining his fascination for sports and his determination to make ends meet, Bernie kickstarted his exciting career. And as he was getting the hang of the craft, it became apparent that the odds were in his favor. For this reason, he took his chance and plunged right into the pool of sports betting. 

Young as he was, he did not really have the experience to go neck and neck with the other players in the industry. However, he only needed his sharp set of skills and the blazing drive to make it to the big leagues. And proving that he really has what it takes, he reached his first breakthrough when he came up with his sportsbook at the age of twenty-one. 

Bernie initially created the sportsbook with only one goal in mind – to provide an avenue where people in his Brooklyn neighborhood can happily wager on various sports competitions. But when his brilliant idea became a huge hit, he realized that sports betting would be the one to catapult him to the summits of success. 

As the years went by, Bernie was able to hone his strategy-making skills to perfection. Day and night, he diligently tried to master the tips and tricks that would come in handy for wagers and bets. On top of that, he did some in-depth analysis regarding what matchups he would like to focus on and even went as far as looking into weather reports. And when he felt that he was ready to swim with the big fish, he dove into selling sports picks for major events like NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. 

And although Bernie kicked off his career at a young age, it was not until he was thirty years old when he got the nickname, “Kosher Capper.” He earned the title due to the fact that he was born Jewish and that he always wore his kippah on his head; thus, the name proved to be fitting for him. Soon enough, “Kosher Capper” became a household name in the realm of sports betting. 

Going after a dream is a noble pursuit. And while not everybody is up for the challenge, those who are brave enough are already rewarded for trying. But because Bernie dedicated every second and every resource into his journey, victory is his. 

To know more about “Kosher Capper,” you may visit his website and Instagram page.

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