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Prescription Sports Glasses For Kids: Everything you Need to Know



Sports glasses are made from polycarbonate materials. The materials are 10 times stronger and more impact-resistant than traditional glass lenses. Polycarbonate materials also absorb impact better thanks to being a softer material.

The lenses of prescription sport glasses are also more lightweight and have 100 percent ultraviolet protection. Additionally, these glasses are coated with a scratch-resistant coating that protects them from damage.

Note that prescription sports glasses for kids can be made in the exact prescription that your kid needs. The frames are also fitted for comfort, durability, and function based on a specific sport.

Every child can benefit from the use of prescription sport glasses. Sports glasses can also be used as a spare set of glasses since they are not harmful to wear during sports activities. Just make sure that the prescription is the same as that of your child’s regular glasses.

How to Choose Safe Sports Glasses for Kids

If you’re concerned about your active child’s health, prescription sports sunglasses should be your priority. The thing is that choosing the right pair of glasses can sometimes be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some considerations for safe eyewear for your kids.

  • Protection and Fit

The American Society for Testing and Materials has protective eyewear standards for different kinds of sports. The F803 is considered the most protective rating; however, not all sports glasses are available with this rating.

Apart from protection, fit and comfort are other features that you must look for. If your child’s glasses are loose, this is the time to go for prescription sport glasses online. To protect your investment in sports glasses, spring for adjustable bands. That also applies for nose pads. This will ensure that the glasses are secure and comfortable.

If the child’s sports activities have them playing outdoors, prescription sports glasses will add protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Coatings like anti-reflective and anti-fog coatings will allow your child to see more clearly during games. The coatings also prevent distracting fog that develops from perspiration and the humid outdoor climate. 

  • Durable Lens Materials

Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are more lightweight compared to regular plastic lenses. This makes them more comfortable for kids to wear. A lot of glasses are available with both non-prescription lenses and prescription sport glasses. Thus, the added protection of sports glasses is beneficial even for kids who don’t need corrective lenses.

Additionally, the best style of frames and adjustable bands will vary depending on the child’s athletic activities. But when in doubt, feel free to consult an eye specialist. 

  • Factor in The Sport

It’s important to keep the kid’s sport in mind when buying protective eyewear for them. If the child only wears prescription glasses during the game, be sure to go for the glasses that are specifically designed for sports.

You must also note that regardless of their sport of choice, children that spend a lot of time outdoors will benefit from UV protection with their sunglasses. Remember that as the kid progresses in age, they’ll begin spending more time outdoors. 

  • Lens Durability

Optometrists encourage parents to choose glasses that have durable lenses. It’s important that the lenses of prescription sport glasses are made with impact-resistant material. You wouldn’t want sports glasses with plastic lenses because they aren’t designed for impact. Such glasses can easily break in an athletic setting.

To feel comfortable with your child wearing prescription sports sunglasses, get ones that have well-made lenses. They should be made of shatterproof or anti-shatter materials, a description that fits polycarbonate lenses.  

Why Your Athlete Children Need Prescription Sports Glasses

A lot of sports-related eye injuries are severe enough to require emergency room care. Experts say that a good percentage of these injuries can be prevented with prescription sports glasses.

You may be wondering, “So what are the best protective glasses for kids?” As earlier mentioned, that will depend on your child’s sport of choice. Remember that basketball and soccer feature fast-moving balls, and the former also involves close contact with hands, arms, and elbows. So there’s a risk that someone might get their eyes poked.

Shutter-resistant sports goggles or eyeglasses with a strap will help keep the sunglasses from flying off. This is also an important addition to the child’s protective gear.

The best safety glasses can also protect your child from debris. Basketball and softball players, for instance, kick up a great deal of dust. Swimming and lacrosse will require different kinds of prescription sport glasses.

These glasses could be waterproof goggles or face masks. The bottom line here is that whatever your child enjoys, it’s important to have their eyes protected. 

Cost of Sports Glasses For Kids

Because of their specialized nature, the best safety prescription sports glasses will cost more compared to regular prescription glasses. But your eye specialist may give you discounts for purchasing a second pair of glasses.

You can also use insurance to offset some of the costs of the sports glasses. This will, however, depend on your coverage and plan specifics with the insurance company.

Just like it is with regular glasses, the cost of prescription sports glasses can vary. So it’s best that you research and shop around for the best price for the glasses.

Prescription sports sunglasses online are usually more costly compared to traditional prescription glasses. As such, it might be tempting for someone to choose to go without prescription sports glasses. But you must also note that the cost is worth it if it means protecting your child’s eyesight.

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of eye injury is to protect the child’s eyes during vigorous physical activities. 


When buying prescription sport glasses for kids, there are a lot of factors to consider. However, one factor that you must not overlook is purchasing a pair of glasses that have been certified by an independent testing agency.

You must also ensure that the glasses fit comfortably and allow for clear vision. That should be your primary concern when buying prescription sports glasses for kids.