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Games have been an inalienable part of human civilization since antiquity. Sports have been integral to the evolution of humanity. It taught people to imbibe the essential understandings of team effort, coordination, agility, and spirit, besides catering to pure, unadulterated fun and recreation. Above all, games and sports have taught people to instill faith and confidence in one another. 

This is how human civilization has evolved through times and climes for centuries. Dodgeball is definitely one such game that holds the spirits discussed above. It might not be that popular, like Soccer, Baseball, Football, Hockey, and others, but they have their dedicated audience. The interest in dodgeball is increasing with time. 

Do you want to get yourself acquainted with the rules? You can get it here in this article, so stay with us till the end to learn some basic concepts of dodgeball. 

What Is Dodgeball?

Since dodgeball is a relatively new name in the sporting circle, the game is not new at all but has been played for centuries. Hence, you could well say…

-New might be the name, but old is the game. 

Dodgeball is a team game played within a court. The players throw balls at the other team. In this process, if they find themselves out of court, they are out. Here are different ways through which players can get out. 

When one player throws the ball, the player from the opposite team may catch the ball. The rules and regulations have their own nitty-gritty. Hence, let’s try to understand them here in the following sections. 

Modern Day Dodgeball 

The modern version of the game has a lot of zeal and passion. The game has a dedicated audience, and it is getting professional with time. Countries with professional teams have their own federations and councils. 

These federations or heads work under the umbrella of the International Dodgeball Association. In addition, numerous sporting leagues happen in a dodgeball calendar year, among the biggest being the Dodgeball World Championship. The World Dodgeball Federation and the Federacion Mexicana De Dodgeball controlled the tournament. 

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Dodgeball History?

There is a wave of confusion and lack of clarity on the birth and evolution of the game. For example, some say that the game was first played in the African continent centuries ago.

But, if traced back to the yellow pages of history, traces of the game have been found in Asia, Greece, and Mesopotamia back in 500 BC. Therefore, one can say that the game has a good historical background to become a major sport.  

Inventor Of Dodgeball

Back in those days, rocks and stones were used by the participants. Rubber balls replaced the stones and rocks. The ultimate aim was to prepare the warriors. D James. H Carlisle, of England, saw this game being played and decided to take it back to England.

But unfortunately, the game did not arouse interest among the Brits because it required extreme ruthlessness and rawness coupled with power- a combination that they lacked.

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Rules Of The Game

There are certain separate components that make up the rules of this game, and they include, Boundaries, Hit, Catch, Blocking, Out, Dodging, Start the game, end of the game and others. These concepts integrate to form a comprehensive understanding of Dodgeball.

1. Boundaries

The game is played within an enclosed boundary divided entirely into two equal halves. Players from one team must not cross over to the other side of the court. If done, the player will come out.

Moreover, they can not even cross the enclosed boundary during participation; even that will be called out. When the numbers of players get out, a few players from both ends remain. That time the referee can ask them to go out of the court, so it shortens the court to increase the speed of the game. 

2. Catch 

The thrower throws the ball at the other players to make them out. If the players catch the ball, then the thrower is out. But one needs to catch the ball well before it hits the ground.

If the thrower throws the ball, the ball touches the player and reaches its teammates; even then, the thrower is out. However, suppose the ball hits the ceiling or the walls and is then caught by the opponent; in that case, the thrower is not out.

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3. Hit 

The thrower throws the ball at the other players to make them out. But the ball has to hit the player and touch the ground. Only then is the player considered out; otherwise, not. If the opponents catch the ball, the thrower itself becomes out.

Even if the ball hits the player of the throwing team member before touching the ground, the thrower gets out. This way, both teams make mistakes to cause them out of the game.

4. Blocking  

When the thrower throws the ball at the opponent, the other player tries to block the ball. If it is successful, then the player remains not out.

To make it happen, the player needs to ricochet the ball thrown at them with the ball in their hand. If they block successfully, they remain in the game.

Now, if the ball thrown by the thrower touches the opponent and goes into the hands of the teammates, the thrower is out. 

5. Live Ball And Dead Ball

Suppose the ball touches the ceiling or wall; then the ball turns into a dead ball. When the ball is dead, no player loses. Because with a dead ball, the game turns out to be in a dead situation, which stops the game.

After the ball turns dead, the player picks the ball and resumes the game; the match turns alive again. A player can only be out when the ball is live. 

Wrapping Up The Discussion

Dodgeball is really an exciting sport and is slowly getting popular. It is already popular in different parts of the world. If a player turns professional, he can partake in international leagues and international tournaments.

The game is super interesting, to say the least, and the rules are easy too. Therefore, take a dodgeball and try it out with your friend this coming weekend.

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