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Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization, currently composed of 30 teams. Each team has one major league affiliate, which are the clubs that play in the minor leagues but are owned by MLB and compete for promotion to their parent club.

There have been several different brands used throughout MLB history. The first jerseys were made by Spalding Athletic Company and featured white letters on a blue background. In 1887, National League president George Wright negotiated a contract with New York tailor Jacob Ruppert to provide uniforms for his team, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

Under this deal, each team was required to buy at least 10 new sets of uniform annually from Ruppert’s shop – an arrangement that continues today.

  • MLB has partnered with Nike to become the official on-field uniform provider for the league. This deal is set to run through 2019 season. Under Armour was originally supposed to be the title sponsor of MLB uniforms, but this changed when Nike announced that they would take over as the main supplier.
  • The logo on your jersey doesn’t have to just look good – it can also feature an image of a baseball, bat, or both (depending on which team you support). However, there are some restrictions in place that teams must adhere to in order not disturb game play or offend players who may wear other brands off their jerseys during games.
  • Players’ name and number plates are exempt from any branding restrictions so long as they’re approved by MLB’s licensing department. That said, logos cannot include anything offensive or controversial – such as images of guns or drugs – and all designs need Commissioner’s Office approval before being used by a team.
  • There are some specific guidelines that apply when it comes to player gear including no advertising inside stadiums nor can sponsorships exceed 20% of a player’s uniform surface area..
  • In addition to Nike providing uniforms for players across Major League Baseball, Majestic will continue supplying uniforms through the 2019 season while UA remains an authorized apparel provider for Minor League baseball clubs.



MLB jerseys are made of a number of different materials, but the most common ones are cotton and polyester. These fabrics help keep the player warm while they’re playing in cold weather, as well as absorb sweat and water to prevent it from causing damage to the jersey.

  • MLB jerseys are made of a type of fabric that is known for its durability. This fabric has been used in MLB jerseys since the early 1970s and offers superior strength and comfort compared to other fabrics used in sports apparel. It’s important to keep your MLB jersey clean so it maintains its shape and looks good throughout seasons, but it’s also important to note that moisture can cause damage to the fabric over time.
  • Keeping your MLB jersey clean is key. Make sure you wash it regularly (at least once a week), use a mild detergent, and dry it completely before storing away.
  • Damage caused by moisture can be repaired with proper care, but if you notice any signs of wear or tear on your jersey, don’t hesitate to get replacements from your favorite team or sportswear retailer – they usually have a wide range of options available.
  • The material used in most baseball uniforms isn’t just durable – it’s also breathable so you’ll stay cool during hot games or workouts – even when dressed up for formal events like weddings or funerals.
  • Always make sure that everything inside your garment – including seams and buttons – is properly sealed before washing so that dirt, dust mites, etc., doesn’t enter through cracks and cause damage down the line.