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7 Mendix Case Studies that Will Inspire You to Create Your Own



7 Mendix Case Studies that Will Inspire You to Create Your Own

The need for digital transformation among industries and enterprises of all levels spurs so dramatically in the current world. This is because the traditional development processes do not offer the required flexibility and speed. On top of that, not every enterprise can afford to invest significant dollars in a one- or two-year software creation project. Such situations steered the necessity for disruptive technologies inspiring the invention of low-code platforms.

Mendix solution is the best low-code development platform that permits developers of diverse technical know-how to create web applications (apps), automation tools, and mobile apps. This platform incorporates drag-and-drop functionalities that ease and speeds up the app development processes. With a few clicks, you can connect web services and other apps to your enterprise apps, thanks to the platform’s pre-made connectors.

Currently, the Mendix best low-code development platform has benefited at least 50K enterprises in developing internal tools, and applications, among other benefits. Let us look at some inspiring case studies that will give insights into what Mendix can do for you or your business.

  • Mobile Banking App Digitizes Clients’ Experience at AI Baraka Bank

AI Baraka Bank was the first to introduce Islamic banking in South Africa. But over the years, bigger competitors stooped in that region. The competitors came with attractive, easy-to-use mobile and web application experiences for customers, something AI Baraka could not match. Remodeling their digital customer experience was their next move but how to achieve that goal was unclear.

Low-code delivered benefits that AI Baraka needed to get up and run faster. They acquired speed and capabilities to rapidly iterate towards diversified experiences. The versatility and speed of the Mendix platform made it enticing for the AI Baraka team. Their partnership with low-code allowed the bank to build on the Mendix platform and speedily transform their story into a beautiful and practical user experience.

  • Improved Faculty and Student Experience at Koc University

Koc University is a top non-profit research university found in Istanbul, Turkey. Embracing Mendix has enabled the information technology (IT) team to develop numerous applications. This has helped smoothen the University procurement procedures, enhance user experience with advanced university portal and mobile app, and increase safety communications and protocols. 

Partnering with Mendix, the university could deliver solutions more quickly than before. Being a fully integrated platform allowed the team to focus on delivering better apps that are useful for the faculty and result in improved student educational experiences.

  • Bringing Differentiation and Innovation in Entertainment- Solomon Group

Solomon Group is an entertainment production organization based in New Orleans, majoring in significant events such as Essence Festival, Playoff Kickoff, and others. An existing leader in managing event tasks such as ticketing, sound, and lighting. The company incorporated custom development for additional differentiation in the market. However, the company used unsustainable methods of syncing work functions and employees. They needed customized and flexible apps to handle all the firm’s processes. 

Mendix has allowed the company quickly create applications, iterate through varied ideas with their customers, rapidly implement changes, and efficiently deliver what their clients are looking for. Also, through data fed into the Mendix application, event managers can access the real-time number of individuals entering and exiting an event and the building’s capacity. Solomon Group has become a remarkable part of the entertainment production marketplace for the diverse solutions they provide to their clients.

  • Evan Gagnier Achieves Autonomy and Speed Using Mendix

Evan Gagnier works at Granite Telecommunications as the software engineer application manager. The company was expanding rapidly, and the IT department logjams were extending beyond control. In this case, increasing the IT team was not enough solution leading the firm in search of a fast application-building platform.

The Mendix low code platform allowed the organization to create a Work Order Management application to ease and hasten operations. Instead of using .NET, which would take at least six months, Mendix could deliver the app in three to six months. The platform has helped the company increase its development speed and develop apps independently.

  •  Norsk Hydro Digitalizes Custom Business Processes

Norsk Hydro is an aluminum extraction and production industry operating in 40 countries. With such a scale, the company’s interest is to build an all-around suite of digital solutions to address process-related issues. They needed to digitalize custom processes.

The industry turned to Mendix low-code and has developed a wide range of application solutions that smoothen processes. They have developed apps that have enhanced customer services, operations, financial, and manufacturing processes throughout their firm. This has resulted in a more collaborative and efficient digital culture.

  • Automation with Low-Code and RPA in UK’s Largest Poultry Supplier

Productivity and efficiency are often the aspects that determine the success of any company. The trick lies in balancing the value-added work and non-value added. To achieve that, the 2 Sisters Food Group embarked on automating processes.

Using the Mendix platform, the organization team developed a solution that assembled inbound data for software bots. Within four weeks, the organization launched a quality Mendix-built app that helps save 2.5 hours daily. Using low-code and RPA, the firm has automated several transactional processes. This has resulted in positive benefits, including enhanced process quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

  • Zurich FaceQuote Transforms from Idea to App within Weeks

New research by Zurich shows that a quarter of UK individuals have no critical illness or life insurance. Some believed the insurance wasn’t important, and others it was expensive. This presented a market opportunity for Zurich to seek new methods of promoting life insurance adoption in the UK market.

The Zurich team opted for Mendix low-code to develop the FaceQuote app, and within 7 days, they had a working application. The app is readily available on mobile devices and the web. With a selfie, the app estimates the age of potential life insurance customers and calculates their monthly premiums. It offers a simple and almost immediate idea of what life insurance would cost the users based on their estimated age. 

Wrap Up

Mendix low-code has a beginner-friendly interface that allows developers to create apps with little coding skills. Its visual features give you deep insights into the inner operations of the software. Also, ensures the developed software is adaptable to changes, a vital aspect in this dynamic world.