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Advantages of Hosted IP-PBX Phone System and Reasons Businesses Choose it



hosted IP-PBX phone system

Understanding a Hosted IP-PBX phone system

Effective business communication is crucial for the success of organizations of all sizes. With the growth of technology, many companies are now turning to IP-PBX phone systems to improve their venture-specific communications and provide exceptional customer service. These systems allow for managing phone calls over the internet, enabling a more streamlined and efficient method of communication. Around 67% of employees claim that VoIP improves call handling and 57% believe that it makes remote work easy and effortless.

What is a Hosted IP-PBX phone system?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone system that enables workforces to communicate with people within the organization as well as outside of it, over the internet. This interaction is carried out using a wide array of communication technologies, such as VoIP or ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. Typically, PBX is referred to as an ‘on-premise’ phone system wherein server hardware is installed at the workplace and remains immovable. On the other hand, a hosted IP-PBX elevates the function of business communications up a notch.

Here’s how.

A hosted IP-PBX phone system inhabits a server on the cloud and runs from a data center. This is precisely why the term ‘hosted IP-PBX’ is often used interchangeably with ‘cloud-hosted IP PBX’. Unlike an ‘on-premise’ PBX, a hosted IP-PBX phone system operates from a digital server-sphere. Simply put, a hosted IP-PBX is entirely SaaS-based, self-controlled, and works without the physical presence of hardware at the office. It is accessed and managed remotely by the PBX provider and this helps reduce installation costs and maintenance expenses.

The advantages of using a Hosted IP-PBX phone system

Aptly suited to both small and big businesses, here are some of the advantages of using a hosted IP-PBX phone system in the long run:        

Remote working features

A hosted IP-PBX phone system doesn’t limit your employees to a physical location. Exceeding all limits of communication, a cloud-hosted IP-PBX phone network allows you to connect with customers or clients while working remotely. Since it functions as software, a hosted IP-PBX mobilizes the superior processing power of the computer to integrate smoothly with CRMs and mirror customer caller IDs, create fresh customer records for new callers, and automate multiple call functions.

Integrated video conferencing

Thanks to a hosted IP-PBX phone system, video conferencing has become a free and secure solution to launch business communication. Organizations working via a hosted IP-PBX can do without downloading specific apps and dialing multiple phone numbers to join video conferences. Whether the meeting is a scheduled one or an ad-hoc event, teams and clients can join in directly from their browsers.

Web-based real-time communication

A hosted IP-PBX phone system positions live chats as the go-to space for web-based real-time communication. In addition, hosted PBX systems allow customers to make phone calls in real-time over VoIP with a ‘click-to-call button. Answering queries and contacting business clients is a lot easier with a cloud-hosted IP-PBX phone system when time is of the essence. Even admin-centric functions such as virtual performance evaluations, feedback sessions, and moving from chat to call functions to offer solutions are made easy and seamless with a hosted IP-PBX phone system. It allows agents to make calls via the browser itself, making the transaction free of charge for the customer as well as the caller.

Cost-effective features

Even small and developing organizations such as startups can establish a reliable reputation for business with a hosted IP-PBX phone system. A cloud-hosted IP-PBX phone system is studded with easy, tech-based features such as auto-attendants, call queuing and recording, call routing, phone menus, voicemails, and reduced international call costs. As software updates are initiated externally, businesses of varied sizes are able to deliver impressive customer experience using a hosted IP-PBX phone network.

Improved contact center capabilities

A virtual IP-PBX phone system offers customers multiple avenues to reach out to contact center personnel. It enables the smooth and efficient management of calls with personalized menu options and interactive voice responses. A cloud-hosted IP-PBX phone system integrates seamlessly with CRM and ERP software for the best possible CX outcomes. In addition to administering target reports and encouraging agents, this type of IP-PBX phone system also records calls for training and supervising contact center professionals.

7 reasons why businesses choose a Hosted IP-PBX Phone System

The decision to choose an ‘on-premise’ PBX phone system or a cloud-hosted IP-PBX depends primarily on the size of the organization, the enterprise’s infrastructure, and its resources. While virtual IP-PBX phone systems are an ideal solution for small-to-medium scale businesses and startup companies, this system can benefit enterprises of all capacities. Here are seven reasons why businesses choose to work with a hosted IP-PBX phone system:

Easy to set-up

Simplicity is key to the steady growth of any organization, especially for those visibly expanding. Virtual IP-PBX phone systems are easy to install and can be set up by any non-technical person in the company. The software provider will configure the system, troubleshoot issues, and make improvements as and when needed, remotely.

Increased flexibility and mobility

A hosted PBX system gives businesses the flexibility and mobility they need to stay connected to their customers from anywhere in the world. Irrespective of the devices being used (cellphones, laptops, tablets), employees and agents can make and receive calls on the move and on time with a hosted IP-PBX phone system. A company that predominantly works remotely or employs a large number of people from outside the organization gains tremendously from a cloud-hosted PBX phone system.

Save on call costs and time

Hosted PBX services offer businesses a massive pool of features at a relatively low cost. It’s a compact and tech-powered software that comes with minimal equipment and barely any manual installations. Call settings and modifications are administered by the software provider and can be deployed across all teams in the organization in no time. Moving to a hosted PBX phone system gives businesses an edge over their competitors since all its services are easily accessible on the cloud.

Exclude vendor lock-in

Largely pivoted on the open SIP standard, a hosted PBX phone system connects the software phone directly to the PC. Thanks to this feature, adding and moving extensions becomes hassle-free. In addition, a hosted PBX system can easily do away with a vendor lock-in feature and obliterate the need for complex phone wiring. The PBX provider will pick and choose the software phone with any SIP-centric IP PBX, PSTN Gateway, or VoIP provider and make alterations as necessary.

Improve scalability

Traditional phone systems outgrow technology ever so often and the company has to incur additional costs to keep up with hardware upgrades. Fortunately, hosted PBX phone systems allow a standard PC to add and manage many lines and extensions as the business needs expand. A growing organization benefits from a hosted IP-PBX phone system because it evolves with the business. It can be integrated with old phone systems and hardware to carry out the same functions effectively. Technology never turns obsolete for hosted IP-PBX phone services and one can add features and lines as per business requirements.

Enhance customer service and productivity

Given that hosted PBX services are connected to the standard computer, teams, and employees are better able to manage their time, increase productivity, and deliver improved customer services. For instance, with a hosted PBX phone system, one can access caller records automatically when receiving a call. This gives agents the tools and confidence they need to resolve customer-centric issues in an efficient and timely manner.

Foolproof security

Hosted IP-PBX phone systems are equipped with security features that make sure the company’s data is protected from leaks. Since hosted PBX phone systems do away with phone wiring and downtime, the PBX service provider will make sure the system is updated and secure at all times.

Boost employee and customer experience through a hosted IP-PBX phone system

Adopting the right mediums of business communication is crucial to the growth of any organization, large or small. Using a hosted IP-PBX phone system helps improve employee productivity as well as customer experience. Hosted IP-PBX phone systems offer the tools that businesses need to ensure seamless communication, increased customer loyalty, and amplified conversion rates. Businesses looking to grow and succeed bag massive gains from hosted IP-PBX phone systems.

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