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Digital marketing trends one needs to know for the year 2022



It is a known fact that nobody can say with 100% certainty what the future of marketing will look like. However, industry professionals can offer valuable insights and predictions into some possibilities. The trends of digital marketing are constantly changing due to the inclusion of the latest platforms and different technologies, which have grounded the future of Digital Marketing. 

For professionals seeking a career in digital marketing, keeping up with the most recent developments is essential. Every digital marketer has to put their time and attention into learning and upgrading since the rate of change is accelerating. The scope of digital marketing also expands when you have a thorough understanding of algorithms, new modifications, and features. All digital marketing fans worldwide have started hunting for the latest trends.

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Mentioned below are some of the digital marketing trends one needs to know for 2022-

  1. AL in Marketing

The entire world has been buzzing about how artificial intelligence will take over every aspect of your life in the future. 60% of internet users have already interacted with an Al Chat bot to solve queries across multiple applications and websites.

The content that we consume on social media platforms is fine-tuned by AI to make our stay engaged for longer. Artificial intelligence can serve many functions and also act as an extension to every digital marketer who knows how to employ it. It is highly cost-efficient, effective and precise. 

  1. Metaverse

Facebook currently owns the Meta Verse, and the idea of a digital space where the virtual and the augmented realities co-exist to create a universal experience is both new and untapped. Metaverse has made much social commerce possible with a vast network of facts where space exists almost everywhere. Digital marketers have also found an opportunity for their brands to fill that space and create a new digital marketing medium.

  1. NFTs

NFTs or Non Fungible tokens are the digital assets you can trade, and they have taken the world by storm! Each NFT has a unique token that says that this is the original NFT and you own it. They have disrupted the art and technology world, but it has also started penetrating the marketing world. The free NFTs are also offered as brands for their primary marketing goals in a raffle. 

High-end brands have targeted various kinds of digital marketing campaigns. Once more and more brands utilize NFTs as a marketing tool, the opportunities are unlimited. 

  1. Crypto

Cryptocurrency entered the industry and slowly conquered at a time when nobody saw potential in it. There are 10-12 million active crypto investors in India, and they have increased since the massive returns.

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the more extraordinary things for the millennials, and therefore everyone out there wants to invest. Various crypto investing platforms are using this need of the new generation and offering them free parts of 1 cryptocurrency to create awareness and give the investor a glimpse of the investment avenue.

  1. Live stream Commerce

China has made a billion-dollar market over live stream commerce. However, it is pretty new to India. The brands choose their social media platforms to showcase their products live, and the audience can then buy the products live.

On social media platforms like Instagram, the shop feature has enabled the brands to put the show now button on the live video content and cut the chase for the customer. They have also reduced the time the customer takes from advertisement to purchase. Thus, it has become one of the best digital marketing trends of the year 2022.

  1. Augmented reality

By the quintessential definition, augmented reality is an interactive experience of a natural environment where the objects in the real world are also enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. 

Augmented reality consists of three basic features-

  • A combination of real and virtual concepts.
  • The real-time interaction.
  • An accurate 3D registration of virtual and natural objects.

               We are no strangers to virtual reality, making people swoon with sci-fi ideas. However, augmented reality is much more plausible from a marketing point of view. Many brands use Augmented Reality technology to elevate the consumer experience and increase sales.

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7. Voice Search Optimization

According to research that is conducted by experts, 55% of teenagers make use of voice search every day. Google claims that they have achieved an accuracy of 95% with their voice search. The ease of use factor for voice search has jumped up with a higher precision of search. You can get better accuracy to match what you ask for and hence the ease of using your voice to get the results makes this process personalized and attractive at the same time. Voice Search Optimization is very useful in On-Demand Delivery. In this segment the user search with voice. For example, the user search Food Delivery, Drink Delivery, Home Delivery Near me.

  1. Programmatic Advertising

The traditional methods of advertising include human negotiation, requesting for proposals, and programmatic buying. The automation is quick and efficient, which increases conversions and lowers the customer acquisition cost. Real-time bidding is a type of programmatic ad buying and it allows fast targeting. The visitors who are your target audience will also be exposed to that particular advertisement. 

Programmatic advertising is increasing rapidly every year and it is predicted to be used a lot in the next couple of years. 

  1. Chatbots

The top digital marketing trend in 2022 is chatbots, which is an AI-based technology that makes use of instant messaging to chat with customers and with site visitors. This is designed to communicate with the customer by either textual or auditory methods. 

Businesses can leverage the use of these chatbots for engaging with customers. Many people are simultaneously using the website. Having technology on hand that can multitask and responds to hundreds of users at once is really beneficial. There are several benefits of having chatbots, such as 24/7 customer service, instant answers to simple questions, and instant responses to inquiries.

According to a recent survey, 63% of people prefer messaging on chatbots for communicating with brands. This is a unique type of virtual support that provides excellent customer service. This is the type of business that exclusively focuses on doing productive work and avoiding repetitive tasks.

The chatbot also messages the customer when the order is ready for pickup. It also has a feature that allows payment and tipping.

  1. Personalization

If you want to expand your business, you should focus on personalizing content, email, and products. It is the next big trend and it is soon to become an industry standard.

  1. Automated and personalized email marketing

Automated email marketing is sending emails to customers automatically based on the triggers or the schedules that you have set. Emails have been the most reliable channel of digital marketing since the beginning. Promoting emails is the most amazing way to reach out to your target audience. 

Due to the over-usage of mass email tactics, most people have stopped responding to the promotion emails. Personalized emails are a great way to bring back the attention of the customer. This will help you create a more engaged customer base.

Following are some of the advantages of using personalized email marketing-

  • You are 6x likely to get a click from an email.
  • Adding a CTA button in your emails instead of a text.
  • Roughly, 78% of marketers have seen a steady increase in engagements.
  1. Marketing automation

Automation is going to be a major digital marketing trend in 2022. Marketing automation is all about streamlining the processes and then automating them to make them smooth, faster, and effective.

The best use of marketing automation is going to be under lead collection and nurturing.

  1. Micro-Influencers

This is the digital marketing trend that is going to expand new horizons in the years to come. Many companies will start using micro-influencers for social proofing.

  1. Video Marketing

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing for 2022 is this. Marketers were facing an issue in recent years. According to a recent survey, if your website includes a video, it is 50 times more likely to bring organic search as compared to plain text. People find video content more captivating and hence search engines bring such sites to the top results. Many people are making use of various video marketing techniques.


Overall, the digital world is experiencing a lot of fresh and exciting changes that will affect how we interact with our audience. To better understand and handle the upcoming year, leave your digital marketing to professionals. You will be amazed by the results.