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Effectiveness of Liquid Mass Flow Controller in Automobile Industry



In the automobile industry, it is necessary to measure the flow of the fluid for making a high quality product. The measurement of mass flowing through a system provides you a strong level of security to perform the operations. Determining the flow rate requires the accurate measurement of the fluid velocity or the change in the kinetic energy. But an electronic flow control allows you to easily see the flow rate on a monitor effortlessly.



Here we have listed three applications of the proportional flow control in automobile industry: 

Vehicle Dashboard Skin:

In the automobile industry, the parts of the vehicle are created with the help of the latest technology. The dashboards of the cars are made to give the interior an optimum look. The skin is created by liquid colored polyurethane that is sprayed on a nickel mould so that it can have a precise shape and size. To get this skin easily out from the mould without any damages, an external release agent is applied on the surface of the mould before spraying the polyurethane. Here a liquid mass flow controller comes handy to apply the release agent on the surface area equally.

Simulation of Exhaust Gas to test Lambda Probe:

Nowadays, modern cars are designed to provide the optimum performance to the end users. They use the solenoid valve flow control to measure the oxygen content of the car exhaust gases. This content helps the engineers to determine the effectiveness of the combustion process that took place inside the engine of the car. This is also called the “Lambda Probe”.

In the testing, a liquid mass flow controller is used to determine whether the combustion process is going according to the standards or not? The manufacturers test the performance of the engine before finalizing the delivery of the cars. For this, they use an artificial exhaust line to stimulate the composition of exhaust gases. A proportional valve controller helps them to measure the accurate mass of the gases passing through the exhaust of the car. Using this information, they improve the efficiency and performance of the engine so that the user can enjoy the ride. 

Paint Process:

Nowadays robots are used to paint the whole car, they require consistency to accurately apply each coat of the paint to give a perfect look. All the colors have different properties such as weight,and they require different pressure and flow rates to provide a high quality. You can easily achieve a good quality with the help of a liquid mass flow controller that lets the robots use the constant and precise amount of the paint for each coat of the paint. The robots use a pre-set value of the paint to apply each coat. Resultantly, the job is done perfectly.

Final Words:

A liquid mass flow controller is essential in the automobile industry. Because it helps the machines to operate smartly, and allows the manufacturing units to produce the quality products. With the help of a digital flow control valve, the operator can easily monitor the mass flowing in the system. It also provides a strong control over the flow rate to maintain a constant state in the flow of the fluid.