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Fiber Optic Cable Management – Dos and Don’ts You Must Follow



Fiber Optic Cable Management

Fiber optic cables have widely replaced ordinary and copper cables. With ordinary cables, people were used to installing them however they wanted. Getting the cable replaced when it was damaged, and useless was not such a big issue, as it was not too expensive. However, fiber optic cables are not the same.

Fiber optic cables are much smoother and more reliable connection and are a little more expensive too. However, they are a one-time investment for decades. So, instead of worrying about the cost, it is necessary to pay more attention to cable management solutions. Little issues and mistakes in the process can waste your investment. Sticking to the dos and don’ts can help you put your worries to rest.

Give an in-depth read to this article to get your hands on the dos and don’ts of fiber optic cable management you must follow to enjoy better service.

Top 3 Dos of Fiber Optic Cable Management

Fiber optic cable management requires sticking to the specific manual and rules. You can only ensure a reliable and smooth connection if you do not ignore the basics. Moreover, following the dos can save you from the added hassle and enjoy a perfect network.

Here are some of the major dos of fiber optic cable management you should stick by to ensure smooth connectivity.

1).  Utilize Fiber Management Channels

The very first do of fiber optic cable management is utilizing specific channels for the purpose. You can utilize racks, cabinets, and other such channels to save the cables from getting tangled and well put in their own place. It will require a little effort in planning, managing, and installing the cables, but it will save you from hassles in the future. Most authorities hire fiber optic cable Dubai based experts and utilize their help to establish the connection and install cables smoothly.

2).  Use Bend-Insensitive Cables

At times, bending fiber optic cable becomes inevitable, no matter how much you try to evade the situation. In such a condition, you can follow one of the basics of fiber optic cable management, which is using bend-insensitive cables. These cables are specifically designed to offer a little bending, so they can easily be installed in tricky areas. However, you must be careful of the bending ratio of the cable as bend-insensitive does not mean you can bend it at any level or scale.

3).  Cap the Connectors

One of the most crucial dos of fiber optic cable management is capping the connectors. It is necessary because the tips of cables can get easily damaged and smudged if the connector is not capped. Even the simplest of things, like rubbing your finger on the tip, can lead to a loss in signal and damage the cable. At times, the damage is severe enough to make the cable unusable. So, you should not take the risk and keep the connectors capped at all times.

Top 3 Don’ts of Fiber Optic Cable Management

Fiber cable management is not as easy as it seems to any ordinary person. One can make little mistakes that negatively impact the performance and functioning of the cable. So, it is necessary to watch out for the common issues and avoid the specific don’ts essentially.

Here are the major don’ts of fiber optic cable management you must follow to save your network from potential issues.

1).  Use Any Type of Ties

The basic don’t of fiber optic cable management is using any type of ties. Using any type of zip ties, bread ties, or other types of ties, does not secure the connection between the two points of the cable. Instead, it puts more pressure on the cable and makes the glass shards break. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to replace the whole cable due to loss of connection. It will add significant loss to your account. So, make sure to stick to only the approved practices.

2).  Strapping Fiber Too Tightly

Strapping the fiber cables too tightly is the next and most important don’t of fiber cable management you need to follow. While joining the cables or cable trays, strapping them too tightly is a common practice. People think that it will keep the cables intact in their place. However, it is a wrong practice and should not be promoted. It only puts more pressure on the cable, which can even break the glass shards. So, ensure the necessary flexibility for the perfect connection.

3).  Pull or Stretch the Fiber

The most crucial don’t of fiber optic cable management is pulling or stretching the cable. At times, people try to pull the cables just to check their ends. While at other times, they stretch and strain the cable to make it fit properly. Doing so only damages the cable and causes connectivity loss. If you are facing any issues with installation, contact Dubai telecom companies services providers and let experts establish a perfect connection and network for you.

Are you concerned about fiber optic cable management?

If you lack technical expertise, you should avoid handling them on your own. Contact professional fiber optic cable technicians to get a smooth and perfect installation for a reliable connection.