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Find the Importance of Intelligent video analysis software.



Intelligent video analysis software

With the advent in technology, video surveillance isn’t just limited to ensure workplace security but also has diverse use cases now. Intelligent video analysis software provides a broad range of advantages over new and old security systems. With video AI it has become possible not to just prevent fraud using security cameras and video surveillance but also to improve customer engagement at retails or a restaurant; improve speed of service at QSRs and so on. 

Getting useful insights from video AI software can be rewarding for your business & you can manage situations on ground smoothly with a course of action.  

There are numerous benefits of intelligent video analysis software, and some of them are discussed below:  

 Monitor remotely: 

With the number of stores a retail or a QSR are now opening, it becomes difficult for an operations team to manage & analyze video feed on ground. Keeping track of activities that are going on these stores with the cloud video surveillance footage remotely helps the team. 


Eliminate the obvious with AI:

With the hours and hours spending on going through security footage is really a tedious task for operations. Minimize the discomfort with intelligent video surveillance software wherein you can identify what kind of activities or use cases are you looking for and start keeping a track of those event occurrences. 


 Recognizing objects and motion tracking: 

Technological advances called video intelligence can perform various essential jobs. Among these is the amount of specificity for motion detection, which can be modified. Regarding this, object recognition is possible in so many detecting variants. It can be set up to identify one thing from the other or to identify a particular object and decide if it must be replaced or removed. 


Improve Business ROI with video analytics:

Video analytics doesn’t only capture videos but also analyzes for patterns and helps remove anomalies with suggestions & insights. AI based video intelligence software looks for re occurrence of patterns and events so as to improve customer satisfaction, loss prevention or speed of service for different industries.   


Warnings and Notifications:

Video analytics can also be set up to send messages and alerts when any unusual activity is found found, and the programmer can be adjusted to do this. In order to tackle the issue, this enables security specialists to respond immediately. Various persons can get the alerts, including security workers, first responders, and company executives. This way it will be possible to stop any mishappening. 



Video intelligence software definitely comes up with variety of perks and one of them is to ensure employee safety and prevention of losses at the workplace. With prompt notifications and targeted video feed to highlight instances in real time, industries can definitely look at this solution.