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Here are the Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Realme Laptop




The ideal laptop for you will depend on how you intend to use it. If you are a student who uses your laptop solely for studying and assignments, you can get the most recent Realme laptop i5. However, if you need a laptop for gaming, installing and using video editing software, or sound editing, you should choose a more expensive model.

So, before you buy a Realme laptop during the festive season, here are some things to keep in mind before buying it at an awesome laptop price.


You cannot expect a laptop with a more powerful processor to work well without adequate Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM in most Realme laptops ranges between 2 GB and 8 GB or higher. A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is strongly recommended for multitasking, and Realme does a pristine job with its low-end laptops in terms of RAM performance. 


The display might be a deciding factor when selecting a new laptop. There are Realme laptops with HD, Full HD, and QHD screens that are considered to be the most popular in the market. These will provide your eyes with a superior experience. Also, before purchasing the laptop, be sure to watch a video on its display to determine its quality.

Screen Size: 

Depending on its application, your laptop’s screen size can be decisive. If you typically work at home or in the office, a laptop with a larger screen may better suit your needs. However, if you are accustomed to bringing your laptop with you wherever you go for work, a laptop with a smaller screen can be advantageous because they are lighter and more portable. Realme laptops come in several screen sizes, with smaller screens for light use, and larger screens with HD+ support for competitive gamers and editors, adding more value to its laptop price. 


If you are accustomed to playing high-end games, having a graphics card on your Realme laptop will be advantageous. Realme laptops with their processors and RAM, and high-quality Nvidia Geforce GT graphics cards are ideal for 3D graphics work. 

Sound and audio: 

You can be purchasing the laptop for educational purposes. It does not preclude the possibility of playing music or videos on the gadget. Ensure that your gadget provides audio and video of high quality. Prior to purchasing a laptop, examine the speakers and audio system. The Realme laptop has a robust audio system that makes gaming and watching movies even more pleasurable. 

Storage and data: 

Multiple external storage devices in Realme laptops are highly sought after. Most Realme laptops can store up to 1 TB or more of data. You can also conveniently expand this storage using an external HDD. Mentioned below is one of the best Realme laptops available in the market for you to purchase.

Realme Book Laptop Intel Core i5

The Realme Book Laptop Intel Core i5 is the latest launch from the house of Realme, which comes at a budget-friendly laptop price. It is a mid-range laptop offering stunning features, from its unique design, superior display and performance, this laptop promises it all! The 2K Ultra-HD screen delivers stellar image quality with sharp detail. Realme designed this laptop to reflect a classically chic aesthetic, and the sleek aluminium build is achieved through precision crafting for an effortlessly stylish exterior that matches an exceptionally powerful interior 

The 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor combines the new Willow Cove CPU architecture with advanced 10nm-class SuperFin technology. Single-core turbo frequency can reach up to 4.2GHz, offering a huge performance boost with remarkable speed. The built-in Intel Iris X high-performance graphics card delivers a 50% performance boost. The advanced cooling system uses technologies that deliver high energy while staying quiet, keeping your laptop as calm as it is cool.

This Realme laptop is equipped with a dual HARMAN high-resolution audio speaker system that reproduces accurate stereo sound to bring you a more immersive audio experience. DTS Stereo Surround Sound enables you to fully enjoy the dramatic all-around cinema-like sound without distortion. Music, movies, and games all become highly immersive audio experiences. With a 54 Wh battery encased in the ultra-slim build, the Realme laptop can support up to 11 hours of 1080P local video playback. This Realme laptop comes with a 65W fast charger that gets you to a 50% charge in just 30 minutes. It also supports up to 30W Dart flash charging for Realme smartphones with a USB-C port, so you can keep your mobile devices powered while you’re on the go.

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