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How to protect your iPhone from overheating? 



How to protect your iPhone from overheating?

Being an Apple iPhone user, you might already know this, but let us reinforce just in case. You mustn’t let your device overheat. Undoubtedly, some iPhone owners might already be facing this issue, as it is becoming pretty common nowadays. However, if you are lucky enough to have been able to save your iPhone from overheating up till now, you must also make sure to protect it in the future as well. For that reason, we are here to provide you with the perfect set of tips that would be helpful for you to adopt if you wish to prevent your device from overheating. Keep reading to know it all! 

Avoid overcharging!

Have you ever left your phone to charge all night? Sounds familiar, right? We all have done it at some point in time, and if you do it to date, you need to stop immediately! Everything worsens when it is done excessively, and if you wish to use your iPhone for a longer period, you should charge it only to the point where it reaches up to a hundred percent. As soon as it becomes fully charged, you are advised to remove it from the charger immediately, instead of letting it remain connected to the charger for an extra hour. Not online will this prevent it from overheating, but will also increase the chances of a longer life for your iPhone. 

Do not avoid updating your iOS software! Do it now!

Updating your iOS software is the best solution to most of the problems for Apple users. Seems like a mere joke but it is a fact. It is a common practice for the Apple Store to keep revising and updating their iOS software quite often. Once the new software update is available, it is highly recommended that you update yours as well. The quicker you update your iOS software, the easier it will be for you to enjoy the longer life span of your iPhone. Keeping your iPhone updated to the latest version can help prevent overheating issues and ensure optimal performance.

The cleaner the better!

This one goes without saying. Several companies recommend and suggest that smartphone users should regularly remove all unnecessary data and clear off their storage now and then. Practicing this exercise regularly will allow you to smoothly operate your device without any issues with its functioning. However, not only internal cleaning but external maintenance and cleaning are also very important for the prevention of overheating. Dust and dirt can accumulate in the inner ports and vents of your iPhone, which might create blockages in the airflow. This would eventually cause your device to overheat. Hence, cleaning your iPhone, both internally and externally, is very important. 


In conclusion, to prevent the scariest issue of all time, which is the overheating of an iPhone, you must ensure that you are not overcharging your device, are updating your iOS software regularly, and are also cleaning and maintaining the iPhone regularly. Not only will this prevent any further damages, but will also save you from additional costs of iPhone battery replacement or even iPhone repair. Start implementing these practices right away!