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Internet Safety for Tween Girls – A Must-Read For Parents



Online Safety
Christin Hume via Unsplash

The age we are living in, everything is becoming harder to keep up with. Looking back at my own childhood, I remember how I spent my tween years; reading, making childish art and crafts, playing out in the streets and the list goes on, so does the reminiscing.

Technology and Kids

Seeing the 9-10 year olds today with smart-phones in their tiny hands one does wonder, ‘Who in the world are they Snapchatting with?’ As the younger and younger generation gain access to internet and smart-phones, the privacy becomes more and more threatened. Children do not know how harmful over-sharing of personal information on internet can be for them. You may think putting up a security question like, ‘What is your favorite vacation spot?’ will help but hello! You have already given away that information on your Instagram.

How safe is the internet actually?

Putting up a photo of your child on your Facebook with the captions like, ‘Michelle’s first day of first grade – they grow up so fast :’)” you check-in to the school you are dropping your kid to. What happens? You have posted the name, picture and the location of your child – seems harmless but it is not. You have no idea to whom you just have dished-out that information. I don’t need to elaborate here, news on TV and paranoia can take care of that.

Think of all the photos your child is posting. Only the photos are giving so much personal information away. In the race of having the most number of friends and followers, their personal accounts are filled to the brim with strangers. Their Snapchat is telling exactly where they are at the moment. Receiving a ‘You look cute in your pics ;)’ from a nice stranger will seem harmless to them – but you know better, right? Do not let this happen.

I cannot stress how important promoting safe websites and apps is.

Bring a change. Make a trend. There are productive ways of using internet, encourage that. Instead of blocking these dangerous apps and ‘sites on your child’s phone and laptop (because they are smarter than you when it comes to technology and will find a way to unblock them), educate them. They will definitely assume that this is being paranoid, so how will you make them consider this as a serious matter?

  1. Age-restrict the app/website. Ban it until they are a certain age. One drawback is that they will find a way to be on that platform without your knowledge.
  2. Keep check on what they are posting, with whom they are interacting, what they are seeing on the apps. This may require you having their passwords, but you are only looking after them.
  3. Encourage them they can have as much fun (with their friends) on safe platforms.

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