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Is A NAS the same as a Media Server?



Best NAS for Home Media Server

People buy NAS( Network Attached Storage Devicebias for a variety of reasons, but utmost generally they’re used for storing large media lines after playback and streaming. They can be allowed as an important external hard drive for your entire home network.
It can feel delicate shopping for the stylish NAS bias but is made easier when you know exactly what you should be looking for. There are numerous different NAS biases out there, so then my buyer’s companion will help you find the stylish NAS home media streaming for you and your family to enjoy. Read For more information on

Best NAS for Home Media Server

Stylish NAS for Home Media Streaming

1. Synology 4 Bay NAS DiskStation DS418

fantastic eachrounder NAS for home media streaming has to be the DS418 from Synology.

The DS418 is powered by a 64- bit quadrangle– core processor which allows for excellent data transfer pets in addition to 10-bit 4KH.265 videotape transcoding.

What does this mean exactlyStreaming a 4k videotape from the DS418 will be an absolute breath.

This NAS device also allows easy access to your lines anytime, anyhow of where you’re in the world. There are no complicated network settings to configure as the QuickConnect point allows you to connect via a simple customizable address that can be penetrated from any device without any fresh charge.

You’ll be suitable to pierce and enjoy all of your home mediaindeed when on the go, in a nice and straightforward way.

2. QNAP 2 Bay NAS

still, this bone by QNAP will help you do just that thanks to it coming with two 4Tb Seagate hard drives, If you want a NAS you can basically take it out of the box and begin using it straight down.

Other NAS bias will come with empty kudostaking you to buy hard drives independently if you don’t normally have any.

You clearly get convenience with the QNAP, especially as the NAS ispre-configured in RAID 1. This is where the drives are imaged so should one fail, all of your data and lines are kept safe on the alternate drive.

As soon as you replace the defective drive, the data will begin to image back to the recently installed drive.

One thing to note with the QNAP is that you’re limited to playing 1080p videotape lines, but if audio is more your thing, it does support 7.1 channel audio pass-through via HDMI.

Some people have reported the software to configure and operate the NAS to be a bit slow and cumbrous as well as the processing floundering when under heavy cargo; you may need to stay a while between issuing a command via the remote control and the NAS actually performing the task.

The fact that the NAS comes whisked with two 4Tb hard drivespre-configured in RAID 1 is surely the biggest selling point of this product; you know any data you store on either hard drive will be safe thanks to the redundancy.

3. TerraMaster F2- 210

still, the TerraMaster F2- 210 NAS is a great one to consider, If you’re on a bit further of a budget when shopping for a NAS to stream your home media from.

There are two kudos available for 3.5” and 2.5” SATA hard drives and indeed2.5 SATA SSDs. Each bay supports up to 16Tb disks so that you can have a 32Tb real storehouse in RAID 0.

Chuck a couple of SSDs in this NAS and you’ll really notice the performance boost compared to using traditional hard drives.

TerraMaster really does pay attention to enforcing security measures to cover your data. Features include T- RAID array security protectionshots, and a wide array of provisory results including remotepall, and automatic listed backups.