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Leader in Lesbian Toys Wet for Her Opens up the Door for Better LGBTQ+ Sexual Experience



With the understanding that personal wellness includes sexual wellness, the members of the LBTQ+ community do not have to settle for sex toys made by people who do not understand their lovemaking. This community needs toys or accessories designed specifically for their needs to have simultaneous pleasure with their lesbian, trans, or queer partners. Wet For Her is known to provide the sex toys that this growing community needs. 

Wet For Her is a recognized leader in the industry, known to design and manufacture their own lesbian sex toys that are non-realistic and all LBTQ+ inclusive. As a lesbian owner, Alice Derock identified a niche market as no company made beautiful, well-functioning products for lesbians. Since then, Wet For Her has evolved to be an LBTQ+ brand specializing in sex toys produced specifically for lesbians as well as members of the trans and queer communities.

Wet For Her is a women-owned company that prides itself in knowing and understanding the needs of lesbian and trans community members. 

“Our team is an all lesbian and trans team. The design of our Wet For Her sex toy line is done by our lesbian owner Alice DeRock,” says one of the team members. “Everything is thought of in the smallest detail to be functioning, pleasuring, and aesthetically pleasing for lesbian, trans, and queer couples.”

Wet For Her is a leader in lesbian sex toys established 12 years ago. Today, personal wellness is a hot topic in society, and brands are now striving to be all-inclusive. 

Wet For Her designs and produces their own functional, pleasurable, and aesthetically pleasing sex toys that they exclusively sell on their website, differentiating itself from the mass-produced toys sold in the market. 

“We make our own products from start to finish. Wet For Her has an in-house design by lesbians. Then we move on to producing our own designs and selling them only on our Webshop. We don’t just resell something that everyone can sell. We sell something no one else can sell. We have identified what the LBTQ+ community wants and have designed accordingly to give maximum pleasure,” says Alice.

Wet For Her uses bright and lovely colors and shapes that are pleasurable but non-realistic. Before this lineup of products, the LBTQ+ community would have to take turns in pleasure, but thanks to innovative products that Wet For Her has designed, the pleasure can now be 100% shared.

“The standard sex toy has a more seedy look and packaging whereas we are sleek and modern without the porn star look. Being a women-owned lesbian company, we understand the needs of our community,” says one of the team members.

“In a heterosexual world, it is often thought that we, the LBTQ+ community, are missing something whilst lovemaking which isn’t the case. We just wanted a way to enhance the pleasure a lesbian and LBTQ+ couple can have without being made to feel that they are missing something that a straight couple already has. Pleasure is a simultaneous lovemaking experience, and our toys help our community achieve this,” Alice added. 

To know more about Wet For Her, you can visit their website.


Jerry Cooper is a reporter who is based in New York. He has previously worked for several media organizations, including NY Wire.