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What Is Route Deviation in Fleet Management Software?




If you are new to using fleet management software systems, you might have heard the term route deviation, but might not be accustomed to it. Route deviation tools are a small part of the larger vehicle tracking system. However,  the power they yield to make things better and simpler for all fleet managers and help companies save resources is tremendous. 

You’ll always see your business booming once you adopt a good route planning system with route deviation tools. Want to know how? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article! 

What Are Route Deviation Tools?

Route deviation tools from a route management solution of a fleet management system are what keep your vehicle and drivers on track by tracking them live. 

After you’ve planned an effective route through route management solutions, it is up to route deviation tools to let you know when drivers are deviating from the set path. The best thing is that they do that in real time, so that you have enough time to respond to the situation, and you do not have to react when things have already gone too bad. 

Route deviation systems come with multiple alerts and notification styles, all of that you’ll read more about in this article. 

What All Make Route Deviation Tools Godly? 

Route deviation tools come with some very specific tools that will make you feel omnipresent in your fleet. With these tools, you will always feel like you’re right inside your vehicle without being intrusive and obsessive about calling drivers or checking the dashboard. 

Real-time Alerts: route deviation systems leverage your GPS tracking system and hence, depending on how accurate your GPS tracker is, they can accurately let you know when any vehicle in your fleet is strayed away from a pre-designated route.

    • Deviation Tracking: Not only do you get to know if your vehicles have deviated from the set route, but also get to see how large they have deviated,m the route they took while deviating, the time duration they stayed at the alternative route, and the fuel they’ve wasted through this deviation. 
  • Trip Sequence Violation: If you have set a fixed trip sequence for your vehicles, the route deviation tools will also let you know when that sequence is broken. You can also see if the drivers have taken separate routes between sequences or if they have to take a stop for some extra time between stops. 
  • Restricted Trip Deviation: If you’re using separate routes for separate times of the day, or separate them through any other metric, you’ll know if the drive is taking the wrong routes. 

Benefits of Using Route Deviation Tools 

Route optimisation systems come with definite route deviation tools because of the following benefits they can reap:

  • Total Supervision: You do not have to constantly check where your fleet is, but in case you need to know about a deviation, you’ll get a notification about it. Save time that you can better use in strategizing with route deviation tools. 
  • No Unauthorised Use: You can see on the system when a driver deviates from a specific part of the route on multiple occasions. If something like this happens, it is likely they are using the vehicle for unauthorised or personal use. With route deviation reports you can catch and reduce such situations. 
  • Goodwill: You’ll build better goodwill if deliveries take place right on time when promised to the customers. If your vehicles do not deviate from the set route, you are more likely to build better goodwill in the industry, this will also increase profits. 

Summing Up 

If your fleet management software offers route optimization tools, it will be next to foolish to not use route deviation tools and alerts.  However, if you’re looking to switch to a better vehicle management solution, you shouldn’t look beyond TrackoBiot. It is India’s fastest-growing telematics software and will offer you the most accurate live vehicle tracking and route deviation alerts out there.

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