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The Best Portable Charger: What to Look for?



The Best Portable Charger: What to Look for?

Even while the battery life of modern smartphones has increased, many people still believe that it is relatively inadequate. In fact, most of us don’t frequently use our smartphones in complex ways, shortening the device’s battery life.


What does this actually mean? Well, a lot of us have the awful habit of either overcharging or constantly charging our smartphones, which eventually destroys the battery. One of the main factors driving the rising popularity of portable chargers is this.


Power banks are another name for portable chargers. They are available at a wide variety of prices, ranging from the lowest to the highest.  Figuring out the best kind of portable charger for you is a mystery in and of itself.


A portable charger, alongside high-tech movers, is essential when you are moving. Why? Because you do not want your smartphone’s battery to die while the movers are trying to reach you at your new address.


Choosing a portable charger for yourself is made more challenging by the wide range of options available. To help you find a portable charger, we have highlighted what you need to look out for when buying one.


Let’s start.


The majority, if not all, portable gadgets are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, and this is also true for portable chargers.


The battery capacity of a portable charger ranges from 2,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh. This is what we mean by portable chargers of various capacities. But how can you know how much capacity you require?


So, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • How many gadgets will you be using for the portable battery to charge?
  • Do you intend to charge many devices simultaneously?
  • How frequently will you need to recharge the portable charger?


For instance, a 15,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh battery capacity would be ideal if you frequently travel and use an iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can always conduct an online search to determine how much battery capacity your gadget requires.

Charging Time

When comparing charging times, it’s important to keep in mind that using a portable charger to charge a device and using a portable charger by itself are two very distinct processes.


When your portable battery charges completely from a power outlet quickly, for example, there is typically nothing to worry about. However, if your portable charger takes an eternity to charge your devices, there may be a problem.


Outdoor activities benefit greatly from solar-powered portable chargers, but you should be aware that most of them have long charging times and short battery lives.

Size and Weight

When it comes to charging gadgets with huge batteries, like your laptop, bulky portable chargers are ideal.


This is yet another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a portable charger. The size and weight of the portable charger must be taken into account.


For instance, you should choose a portable charger that is pleasant to carry if you anticipate having it with you all day. However, this isn’t how the majority of portable chargers are created.


The portable charger will not only be smaller and lighter if it has a lower mAh and only one or two charging ports. Larger-capacity portable chargers are so heavy and bulky that they weigh as much as bricks.


Therefore, holding such large portable chargers in your hands is rather uncomfortable. It’s not a problem, though, if you plan to keep it in your luggage.

Advanced Charging Capabilities

Both a Quick Charge option and a USB Type-C port are now standard on new smartphones. For this reason, you should search for portable chargers with these cutting-edge charging features.


In fact, you should seriously think about using this option even if you have to slightly exceed your budget if your current smartphone supports Type-C ports since it’s worth it!

How Long Will It Take a Power Bank To Fully Charge My Phone?

The majority of devices can fully charge a typical 3000mAh gadget, like a smartphone, in about 90 minutes; any longer is cause for concern. Recharging the power bank takes less time because you may leave it plugged in overnight, but faster is usually preferable.


For a power bank to charge your gadget, a few conditions must be met. The output of the power bank must be sufficient to charge the device you intend to use it with. Tablets and laptops need more power than smartphones can provide, while handheld gaming consoles and smartphones again need more current.


It will charge while in use if the output meets or exceeds the demands of the device. The battery life will gradually extend if the output satisfies or only falls short of the device’s requirements, but it won’t charge while in operation. Instead of charging the device in this case, the power bank is “powering” it. However, if the device is off, it will still charge.

All in All

So there you have it!


For those who either travel frequently or do remote work, portable chargers have become essential. There is also a demand for individuals who play online games on their smart devices.


Because decent portable chargers are expensive, you will need to budget your money carefully if you want to get one. Furthermore, there’s no need to get one with features you won’t use.


The cost of this gadget ranges from $25 to approximately $200. Although power banks are available for less than $30, these devices often have less than 3000mAh. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one charge out of each of these.


Have your portable charger nearby in case you run out of battery while watching your favorite Netflix episode on the internet. This will prevent your smartphone from suddenly shutting down.