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What are OKRs & top 10 OKR tips that Every Business Should Know?



OKR is a process of setting goals with measurable results that encourage team and individual engagement. OKR enables the formation of clear goals that are SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). OKR helps in providing direction to the entire organization. It’s the tool used to track progress and create alignment around quantifiable targets. OKRs also have an impact on your company culture by building confidence among employees who are proud of what they accomplish together every day.


OKRs are a great way to align strategic aims and ensure that goals don’t get lost in daily work. Through regular reviews, they add accountability which helps transform teams by stretching the creativity/capabilities of each employee.


OKRs provide a targeted focus on achieving goals, rather than a vague notion of what’s expected from an employee. With OKRs, everyone on the team knows exactly how their work plays into the bigger picture. OKRs also help keep people focused and accountable. Rather than drifting off-task or leaving projects unfinished. OKRs can keep everyone held to the same high standards. Here are some OKR tips that Every Business Should Know-


  • Create Only Three to Five OKRs: 

Set a few objectives that can transform your business. Similarly, add only the essential key results. Too many of both could cause confusion among employees & wastage time as well. 


  • OKRs Shouldn’t Hurt: 

OKRs can be a great way to stay motivated and focused on your goals, but they should never cause you pain from overexertion. 


  • Expect Opposition: 

Be patient with staff when implementing OKRs, some employees may be rigid to adopt OKRs. But, you must explain the advantages of OKRs and convince them to use OKRs.


  • Start Small: 

It is advised to start with 1 department and then roll out the OKR strategy. Don’t rush just keep the process clear & simple so that employees can understand


  • Culture of Check-ins: 

Some companies that do not keep regular check-ins suffer in the long run. However, Companies that adopt a culture of check-ins tend to be more productive than those without them.


  • Do What Feels Right:

Don’t feel you have to copy the approach that other companies use. Make your approach & do what works best for your organization. 


  • Review OKRs Regularly: 

Stay on top of your game. If you find that the goals you’ve set for yourself are no longer relevant or achievable, make sure to adjust them accordingly so, they reflect new priorities.


  • Align Team OKRs with Company Strategy:

When company goals are not in alignment with those of the team, it can lead to bad decisions. So, always ensure you align your teams with the company strategy. 


  • Be Ambitious: 

Set some ambitious OKRs that encourage people to take risks without fear. Help your employees produce more by getting them to work on challenges that will make the organization grow. 


  • Use Tools in Your Comfort Zone: 

Initially track your OKRs using a spreadsheet or a document. After some time you can try using a Free OKR software, after that, you can think of a paid one too. OKR software can make OKR implementation a breeze without the need for manual labour. In most cases, all you have to do is set your OKR goals and then OKR software will take care of the rest as the software ensures the users remain on track, meet the deadlines and achieve set objectives. 


So whether your organization is big or small, OKR software will help you stay on top of OKRs while reducing tedious manual overtime in the process. Who knows – with OKR software as an ally, maybe OKRs won’t even seem like such work anymore! ­­­­­


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