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What Is An Email Parser? A Complete Guide To Email Parsing



Emails are an integral part of all businesses today, with over 80% of small and medium-sized companies using email for customer acquisition and retention. Not only that, businesses generate emails from order confirmations, online subscriptions, and automated alerts. All incoming emails contain essential information that can help to grow a business.

Keeping this data in your email inbox is never ideal: think of the hours spent sorting through incoming emails on top of all other business functions. In this guide to email parsing, learn how this type of software app can save you time and resources by automatically parsing data from all incoming messages arriving in your email inbox.

What Is An Email Parser?

An email parser is a type of software application used for data extraction from incoming emails. A parsing API extracts text data from the email header and body. It can also parse information directly from email file attachments like PDF documents, CSV files, and MS Office files.

The parsed data then feeds into workflow automation applications like Salesforce to avoid manual data entry. Email parsing is an easy way to automate your business processes, and it integrates seamlessly into numerous CRM applications.

How Do Email Parsing Tools Work?

An email parsing software is programmed to look for specific terms and keywords in every email at its core. After the initial setup of creating your parsing rules, the parsing tool will then capture and extract important text information automatically from each incoming email – making it much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Instead of manually searching your Gmail inbox, or any other email mailbox, for keywords, names or document titles, the extracted data is collected and delivered in a usable plain text format. An email parser helps declutter your inbox and free up more time for other business activities like lead generation and marketing.

Why is Email Parsing Software Important?

For businesses that receive a large number of emails every day, email parsing software can be a massive relief in terms of time and resource management. With automated email parsing, staff members no longer need to manually scour through all emails for easily overlooked details due to human error. For example, searching and copy-pasting information like customer names, phone numbers, email addresses, locations, etc., can lead to serious data entry errors.

With email parsing software, you can rest easy knowing that the API is doing a great job of automatically collecting these pieces of data for you, meaning no more manual data entry.