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10 incredible Features needed in your Spa Software



10 incredible Features needed in your Spa Software

Drastic technological changes are noticed for some time. These developments are changing the ways of automating the methods of handling businesses. Not a single sector remained untouched with advanced technological trends in business.   

It can be said that considering these trends in the business has become a mandate now. Or, the world will give you the reasons to tarnish the brand image. Every business is using CRM software that is clear evidence that adopting it is a must. 

Even if you have a small or large organization, modifying the processes according to the current requirement with the software can help you to maintain the business growth and for meeting the level of customer satisfaction.

It is aiding the businesses to fulfill their goals, such as managing the resources, enhancing the supply chains, maintaining inventories, and, most importantly, adequate customer satisfaction. 

According to Statista

  • the revenue of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) globally is 48.23 billion USD,
  • the global revenue of CRM software in is 9.42 billion USD
  • 13% of the organization believes that investing in CRM software is their topmost priority.  
  • 87% of the productive sales organizations are regular users of CRM software. 
  • CRM applications have assisted in boosting sales by 29 %, sales productivity by 34 %, and sales forecast accuracy by 42 %.
  • For customer retention, the management software has shown 47% of improvement.

With this much enhancement, it is clear that adopting it is worth it. Why not?? Maintaining a web presence is essential to be in a competitive world. It is even a surety that you are ready to compete and to give business productivity in any possible way — every organization, from Human resources, Information technology, educational, health, etc. and, Salons are not an exception. 

The salon owners are using salon and spa software to improve their business growth. They are practicing it for automating their business operations and for having adequate command over them. 

The customers go to the spa to get healed and pampered. And obviously, they also like to leave the salon feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  It is important for you to make your customers feel special in any possible manner, even it is a mani-pedi or a simple haircut. Salon software is here to cover you completely. 

From booking the appointment, inventory management, marketing, to the Point of Sale (POS), it makes every single job easier. Accessing it easier- you can use it from computers, mobile devices or from both. 

So, if you own a salon, then you need to be cautious about the features that you can add in the software to get fruitful results. We are here to give you the ten outstanding features you cannot even think to miss. Let’s get started without any further delay. 

Outstanding features of Salon Software

Appointment management

Book your appointments at your fingertips using the Salon Software. We have noticed that most of the customers need to wait for their appointment at the salons. This issue has raised the requirement of integrating the feature that can save their time and does not let them wait. 

Using the software, you can manage the appointments the complexities in an effortless manner.  It authorizes the customers to book their appointment according to their schedules. 

They can even reschedule or cancel appointments. This automatically saves time that can be used to execute the productive stuff. The appointments can be booked in the same time frame if the staff is there to provide the service to the customers. The appointments can be booked after business hours that automatically will generate more customers for you. 

Customer Data

With the Salon software, you can keep track of the customer’s purchasing history. This will help you out in having a unique outlook regarding the customers while organizing.  

According to their purchasing pattern, you can offer them personalized products and services for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

Using the customer data, you can have a quick interaction with them, and even you can build the questions to boost the communication level to keep only loyal customers with your brand. So, market your services as per the procurement of different business opportunities.

Prepaid and Credit Payment Management

Get redemption quickly with the salon software. Sell the products and get your money in your bank account instantly and effortlessly with ease. It allows you to manage the prepaid and postpaid payment seamlessly, and you can manage the tax liability without any difficulty. 

Experience a secure yet straightforward prepaid and postpaid payment experience with Salon software. It shows each customer’s pending and received payments. Manage your finances and boost your business with a single click.

Business marketing

Business marketing is the lifeblood of any salon industry. This is especially significant for small businesses that don’t have enough money and unlimited funds. Salon software is a helping hand when it is about business and product marketing. 

You can maintain better relationships with the customers with this productive CRM software. Use the practical customer-oriented approach and increase your customer satisfaction level. You can send notifications to the customers when you launch new products or offering the latest discount rates. 

According to the received output, you can use different marketing strategies for business promotion and have more customers. For marketing analysis, you can generate the marketing reports and examine the efforts you are putting in and later can create more strategies to attain growth. 

Inventory Management

To ensure enough products in your salon, use salon software. You can check what’s in your stock and sell the products accordingly. With the software, you can check the expiry date of every product and push the sales. 

It authorizes you to track the inventory in different stocks you own at different places so that you can operate them from one place and can generate more business for your salon. On an all, it can be said that using the inventory management; you can upgrade the products when necessary.

Point of Sale (POS)

Because the POS is blended with the appointment system, so, the chances that you can sell your products in bulk are more. It is a complete package of tracking inventory, appointments, sales, and the notifications when the stock goes less. 

It gives you different payment gateways with which the customers can pay for the purchased products and services. You can get notified if the bank will make any changes in their paying methods with the Salon POS system. Salon software generates e-receipts and protects the environment to a large extent. 

Product Management

Salon software is known for managing the services, products, and different packages merely in some clicks. Get completeness of your inventory to fill high-quality products in stock, sell them in the most considerable quantities, and get more profit. Salon software generates pricing groups automatically and customer levels to help you with account management and email marketing. 

The customers like to use the salon and spa services collectively. Using salon software lets you organize custom packages easily for those customers and assure they are 100% satisfied. Salonist will automatically showcase the products sold on a deadline. It promotes a dramatic increase in sales and revenue generation.

User and Role management

Salon software permits you to have multiple users on the board to easily control them. It will not mislead you in terms of user management, data protection, and business control.

You can approve and review any account on Salon software at any point in time.

Designate a role for the employee and then use Software to assign it. It is totally up to you to create as many roles as you want. Do not get worried about the security of your data. This CRM software prevents unauthorized access to its database and keeps it secure in all situations. 

It is not bounded to create the user logins; you can build the user logins (talented professionals) according to your requirement. You can even activate or de-activate the user account any time for controlling the employees and for tracking their day to day work in the salon. 

Analytics Service

Get error-free analytics services with Salon software. It is essential to check the success of your salon to take the vital steps for further development and expansion. It displays the number of customers that you need to serve with the appointment charts so that you can allocate the tasks to the staff for 100% customer satisfaction. 

You can even organize the campaigns to boost sales by checking the top-selling products monthly. This is a productive approach to achieve more profit margins. Keep only the talented staff in your salon by examining their performance monthly/annually. 

Location Management System

The Salon software facilitates you with business mobility. Consider this salon software to maintain the salon centres merely in some clicks. Make your appearance 24X7 to the customers from either of the handheld devices. Keep your products synchronized from all locations to ensure more selling rate. 

Check what’s happening inside your salon and spa centre and accordingly, assign the tasks to the employees. It permits you to share customer data with every centre and provide them with the requested services quickly.


Wrapping Up

Now, it’s your turn to act! Using the salon software, you can make things simpler by automating your fundamental business operations. Give your salon business new heights and do not hamper your business. 

CRM software is a catalyst for salon growth to attain productive results. So, what are you waiting for? Implement it today!!

We hope you find this article useful. If there will be any query or suggestion, then let us know in the comment section below. Happy reading!!


Julia Ching is associated with Salonist, a salon booking software for all types of beauty & wellness industries. She assists business owners on how to grow their business through fully featured software. For more follow her on Facebook and Twitter.