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10 Simple Tips to Make Home Videos Look Professional



Are you among those who are unhappy with their video work and looking for the finest tips to make more professional videos? You are not alone.

Fortunately, it is not tough to make good and professional videos. Whether you are making videos to publish online or just want to capture the memories and share them, in this article, we will cover the best and most fundamental tips and tricks that will make you a pro at making videos.

The following sections will help you make appealing videos that are helpful for newbies and professionals. Read on to learn more.

10 Simple Tips to Make Home Videos Look Professional

Plan Your Content Before

When it comes to making professional videos, it is not just all about the online video editor, picture quality, or equipment price. The content itself plays a major role in this instance.

Before taking your camera and hitting the record button, it is necessary to define the preparatory goal and design the content for better alignment. For instance, to promote a smartphone game, you should consider the type of content and how it will benefit the marketing strategy. 

After defining the goal, you should begin with a script because this is the spine of your videos. You can either enlist the help of a professional writer or write the script yourself. If you write it, ask an expert to proofread the content and make changes to the script.

It may take time to come up with a script, but it is worth the wait since good things take time.

Focus And Stability

When making a great video, consider the two significant prerequisites – camera stability and the right focus. Most cameras, phones, and camcorders come with integrated stabilization. It keeps the videos steady.

However, you should know its limitations.

You will get better video quality if you hold the camera still. When you shoot while walking, it can cause unwanted shakes. If you don’t have image stabilization, you should hold your camera with both hands or use a tripod for stable video recording.

When making videos, it is essential to get a tripod since holding the camera or phone with your hands can cause fatigue and strain on your hands.

Plenty Of Light

Lighting makes a significant difference in video quality; hence, making it your top priority when shooting is essential. If you don’t utilize adequate lighting, your video may look unprofessional, even if the concept of the video is remarkable.

The Sun will be your best bet if you are looking for the cheapest and most effective lighting system. If you film in natural light, try to capture the footage in the evening and morning when the lights are soft. 

When you shoot during the middle of the day, the lighting will be overhead, which can cause harsh shadows. If you want to film at midday, try to do it when there are clouds or record in a place where there are shades.

You may opt for a video editing website if you shoot in midday to change the contrast and brightness of the video to make it softer.

Clean Background

Nothing is more amateurish than a distracting or cluttered background. You should be conscious of the background.

The best way for a professional look is to opt for a solid-colored background. A bedsheet, wall, or backdrop paper will suffice. If you are filming yourself, stand at a distance. With this, you can avoid any unnecessary shadows in the background. 

Do not film where their reflective surface is because having a lighting source behind you can make you look shadowy and dark. It also alters the camera focus and takes it away from the subject. For the background, white is the top choice.

Learn Basic Video Making

Professional video creation and editing are more than just making camera adjustments; you will also need a basic understanding of video creation to make professional videos. An online video creator tool will also allow you to merge several photos and clips, add soundtracks, apply video filters, and much more. Removing the start and end of the video will improve the video significantly, and splitting longer video clips into shorter ones will also improve video engagement.

An even better trick is to use several shots than capturing everything in a single recording. Record videos of at least 5-10 seconds and merge them with the help of the video maker.

Crips And Clear Audio

The quality of your audio is as vital as the video quality, if not more. Your audience will watch a video that is not HD quality as long as the audio and other aspects of the video are good.

Indistinct and fuzzy audio can make your audience click the back button within seconds after playing the video.

There are several ways you can enhance the audio quality. Use a good microphone, keep it as close as possible to you, and use an online video editor to enhance the audio quality even more.

Try Different Angles

It is only natural to hold the camera and begin to shoot. However, to make a professional video, you should try different angles. Instead of shooting at eye level, take a wide shot and move closer to the subject for a close shoot-up. Edit and merge the two shots.

To capture action footage from above, hold the camera overhead. Experiment and have merriment uncovering the best angle. It is not necessary to make all shots from a different angle. Some insignificant changes to angles do wonders.

Add Grids

The only thing worse than recording in portrait mode is taking the video at a wonky angle. You should use a grid to use your background as the reference point to ensure straight recording.

Most devices come with this feature. You can access them through the settings and enable them through the camera application. 

With a grid, you can align your videos for square footage. It will also help with composition. If you are making videos of people, it is better to position their eye levels with the grid line top. 

Avoid Zooming Through the Camera

It may be tantalizing to press the zoom button on a camera to catch a close view of something. But it can cause some issues.

Most smartphone devices usually offer digital zoom, which degrades image quality. Moreover, the more you zoom in, the shakier your footage will become.

So, the best thing in this instance is to zoom in with your feet. In other words, stop recording, get close to the item, and shoot again.


Video effects are the same as the photo filters. They can make significant changes if used correctly.

Most smartphone devices have video effects that do not require any video editing program. Some mobile phones have a timelapse feature in the default camera application.

Timelapse will be the best addition if you can keep your camera in a constantly changing scene for a long time. For instance, timelapse will be best on top of the bridge to capture the sunsets.

You can slow down the video to add more drama to your videos. Slow motion will allow you to emphasize items lost in the fast-moving action.

Adding video effects may consume a lot of time, but it is something that makes viewers stick around and see what is about to come.


Making videos at home is not that difficult. All these tips mentioned above do not require costly tools or technical ability. With little practice, you can make remarkably awesome videos in no time. These tips allow you to film, edit, set, and create clear and engaging videos.