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10 Ways Slackbots are Transforming the Future of Work



10 Ways Slackbots are Transforming the Future of Work
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With slackbots, everyone in the company can be on the same page and boost productivity.

We’ve seen the role that chatbots have played in improving sales numbers and driving better marketing. Consequently, a lot of companies have now started to tap into the immense potentials of AI-powered virtual assistants. Primarily these AI tools are designed to aid consumer interactions and welfare, some companies have found new ways to use them as an internal growth tool.

Slack is a business equivalent of the traditional instant messaging applications that you know and with it came the platform to completely change the way we conduct business. Specially designed Slackbots referred to as internal-facing chatbots are designed to assist your employees by providing answers and tailoring solutions for them when they require it.

To help you fully understand how these neural-based virtual assistants can transform your internal operations, we have written this article that talks about how Slackbots will revolutionize the future of work.

Chatbots. What do we know about them?

Chatbots are specialized software that is designed on the platform of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This allows them to act independently without the help of a human being. They are fully capable of interacting with your employees and providing the necessary assistance.

The ultimate function of Slackbots is to aid better communications amongst the staff in your company. They are also designed to be able to execute a wide range of other tasks that will positively impact your business.

However, if you want to get the best out of your Slackbots, you will need to dedicate enough time and resources into its development and regularly tune it to your specifications.

Developing your bot

You need to select the best building platform if you want to set up a successful chatbot. ChattyPeople will provide you with a chatbot creating an environment where you can set up your virtual assistants even without having any coding experience.

The interface ChattyPeople offers is purely graphics, and you just need drag and drop building blocks to set up your chatbot. The service is also free, so you have the liberty to experiment with different versions before settling on the one that best suits you and your business. Afterward, you then proceed to implement your virtual assistant through Slack and give your team a better workflow experience.

Ways Slackbots will change the game

Slack has already gotten success in the business application world and with a chatbot implemented, you have a very powerful tool available to your employees. Slackbots will revolutionize the way companies
work for the following reasons:

Better Communications

Slackbots have helped companies drastically improve their communications across all levels. With these AI tools, team members are no longer depended upon to respond to inquiries or set up meetings. With slackbots, meetings are arranged automatically and the information is relayed instantly.

Task Centralization

It is important to note that Slackbots shouldn’t replace essential software such as CRMs, however, they can play an important role in centralizing all business applications in the company. With this feature, employees can just switch from one task to the other simply by posing a question directly to slack bot.

Align all departments
Successful businesses classify and separate their operations into different departments. As a result, these departments are dealt with independently and this often leads to scenarios where different sections are on different pages. With Slackbots, all departments can be sort of merged and aligned by sending out bulk notifications, confirming delivery and giving information on any changes that may have been made.

Serves as personal assistants to your team

In the past, only top executives and business owners have had the luxury of a personal assistant. However, with Slackbot, every member of your team can now have access to a personalized assistant ready to assist them with their work and you won’t have to hire any new personnel.

Big Data Analysis

Today, big data is at the heart of many advancements and as such companies need to utilize this new technology by hiring analysis and dedicating huge resources into understanding these huge banks of data. Slackbots are equipped to help you sort and analyze big data in very short times. They are capable of presenting their findings in a manner that is easily consumed but the necessary parties involved in decision making.

Task Simplification

In the day to day operations of any company, there are a variety of tasks that are very repetitive but crucial to the running of the business. With Slackbots, you can set them up to execute these tasks automatically by giving them the right instructions each time you need them to execute these monotonous tasks.

Keep workers in the loop

It is no surprise that employees who feel like they are a part of something tend to have better input. One of the ways to better motivate your employees is by keeping them in the loop of new developments and decisions no matter how little it seems. With Slackbots, you can keep everybody updated instantly

Improve scalability

One of the main drawbacks of growth hacking tools is that they are not built to scale in the future. Bots are built to communicate with thousands of users at the same time, so they will continue to grow along with your company as time passes.

Turnaround time

With Slackbots, communications are easier, repetitive tasks are handled and employees a better manage their time and this translates to faster delivery times for projects without a drop in quality.

Aids B2B applications

Companies that are in the business of providing products and services to other businesses can now make use of Slackbots to help ease the burden of communication on your sales team. Chatbots will respond to inquiries made by potential clients and invite a sales representative from your end to take over when its interest has been established on the part of the client.

Lastly…If you want to improve productivity in your business drastically, Slackbots can help you better organize the workflow in your organization and make sure everybody is brought up to speed. With the tips given above, you can get the best out of your Slackbots and see the effects on your business.

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