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11 Must-Have Tools for Sales Reps



Must-Have Tools for Sales Reps

We know that closing a sale can be difficult at times. However, there are digital tools that you can use to streamline and enhance your sales process. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a successful salesperson who doesn’t have an array of technological resources at their disposal. Most experienced professionals swear by a few tools that make their work much easier.

Here are 11 tools that sales reps need to enhance the sales process:

1. Evernote Business: Note Taking Made Easy

Sales reps have access to lots of information. Keeping all this information at your fingertips can be challenging.

Fortunately, with Evernote Business, you can have all the information you need in one place. Moreover, you can automatically sync the app with your computer for easy access and sharing of data.

Evernote Business reduces the time spent searching for information manually, leaving you with more time to actually sell.

2. LinkedIn: Understand Your Prospects

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential to learning more about your sales prospects. It enables you to gather information about their roles and experiences.

LinkedIn is also useful in expanding your reach and finding more prospects. You can join LinkedIn groups to learn about customer pain points and get a data perspective on your target audience.

3. Slack: Easy Communication for Teams

Need an easy way of communicating with your sales team? You’ll love Slack.

This messaging app enables you to communicate with online contacts in real-time. Share images, send files and sales data, make announcements, and get alerts from your sales department. Slack has customizable settings and discussion channels so that everyone gets the information they need without getting pulled into conversations that aren’t relevant.

Slack is also available as a mobile app to keep you connected on the go.

4. Phonexa: Easily Track Business Calls

Phonexa is call tracking software that will help you uncover the performance of your marketing campaigns. For example, you will get call attribution data so you will know what campaigns are generating leads and which are not.

Phonexa also allows you to access the caller’s number, name, location, and other essential data. With this data at hand, you can understand pain points and know how to approach your prospects. Phonexa can be integrated with your CRM software so customer data will always be accessible to you and your sales team.

5. Zoom: Meetings on the Go

Given how busy the sales team is, it can be difficult for everyone to meet in-person for a meeting.

But not with Zoom.

Zoom is an HD app that allows you to chat, record conversations, and have real-time meetings. With the app, you won’t have to wait for your team to get to the office for a meeting. Since it is also available as a mobile app, you can dial-in via phone or conference in with your laptop or tablet.

6. CRM Mobile App: Update Customer Data

Download the mobile version of your CRM software. With a mobile CRM app, you can quickly update customer data, get sales-related information, and even schedule calls on the go.

7. Dropbox Business: Streamline Sales Workflow

Dropbox makes it easier to organize your sales materials and lets you share links and files with your customers. You can also share large files and marketing materials with your sales team from your smartphone.

The Dropbox Business mobile app streamlines your workflow even more. When you have Dropbox on your smartphone, all your documents are in one place and you can quickly find any proposals or contracts you need.

8. Mind Tools: Be More Knowledgeable

Sales reps need to keep building their business and marketing skills. However, finding time to attend classes to learn a new skill can be difficult. This is where Mind Tools comes in.

Mind Tools makes learning new skills easy. For example, you can read mini-articles that will improve your skills over a lunch break or when you have a few minutes to spare before your next meeting.

9. Time Buddy: Schedule Meetings Easily

Time Buddy is a world clock, a meeting scheduler, and a time zone converter app. The app is useful for a salesperson who is frequently traveling to different states or countries.

With a simple tap, you can schedule an online meeting, and the app will update the time for the participants in different time zones.

10. Xpenser: Record Expenses, Receipts, and Time

Do you travel a lot during your sales meeting? Did you ever miss to record your travel, food, and other expenses in a hurry? If yes, you must use Xpenser, a SaaS platform that stores your expenses data on the Xpenser site and lets you manage them from the web.

When you use Xpenser, your expenses are categorized, submitted, and approved via the web, which makes it extremely simple and fast without requiring installation on your device. You can export the expenses and synchronize them with your office financial system easily.

Xpenser was created to save the valuable time of employees and employers that they were spending in creating, reviewing, and approving the expenses reports and then adding the information to their financial system. It helps you minimize your time loss and allows you to focus on sales.

11.   Keynote: Make Presentations like a Pro

Need to make a presentation for your clients? Keynote allows you to be creative with your sales pitch and put together compelling presentations that will leave your clients impressed.

You can sync the app with your sales team’s devices to get their feedback on any presentations.

These tools have been tried and proven to help with your sales process.

David Gasparyan is the President and CEO of Phonexa, a SaaS company that gives businesses all the tools they need to run and optimize their marketing campaigns. With an advanced cloud-based platform that combines multiple technologies under one roof, Phonexa stands as a robust solution for companies looking to make data-driven decisions and optimize their ROI. David has a formal education in marketing and first started working in the digital marketing space over fifteen years ago, at a time when Google was only a search engine, Facebook didn’t exist, and the internet’s full potential had yet to be realized. Seizing on the opportunity of new digital frontiers, David was a leader in the founding of two companies that experienced outstanding growth during his tenure. During this time, he pioneered new methods of lead generation and distribution. He also envisioned and oversaw the creation of revolutionary technology that optimized digital marketing practices. In 2016, David tapped into to his significant experience to found Phonexa—the company that would stake a claim as the only digital marketing platform to offer call tracking, lead distribution, email marketing, and integrated accounting in one intuitive package. He has continued to drive the passion, vision, and growth of the company since that time.