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4 Ways To Prevent Phishing From Your Mobile Device



4 Ways To Prevent Phishing From Your Mobile Device

Do you try to complete everyday activities by your smart or android phone? Then your heart must be full of gratitude towards the founder of mobile phones. Right? The reason, you do not have to waste time in going to the bank to transfer money to another account, nor do you have to go to the hotel to order food. You can just log in to the specific app and then do the payment. Voila! Every job will get completed. However, please note, that like the advantages, using a mobile phone also has its own share of disadvantages. If you do not follow the safety procedures, then chances are you will lose the money from your bank account. Or your social media platforms may get compromised. In this article let us focus on how to prevent phishing from your mobile.

The Importance of Safety

Your mobile is not a mere device to make calls. It is a database of your confidential information. So, you use the mobile to log to your Facebook, Instagram and even bank accounts. And entering the information is easy. Preventing the information from going out is very tough. Yes, you may rise the collar thinking about your smartness, but the smart hacking minds just need simple pieces of your information to hack into the bank accounts. And if they are successful in swindling money, then the activity is called phishing.

Similar to the threat of ransomware, phishing is also becoming popular as a criminal activity. There are, no doubt, strong software security programs on Android as well as iOS, but you need to maintain the safety procedures. Ensure that you do not fall for the common tricks by hackers. Or else you have to blame yourself for the loss of money.


How To Prevent Phishing From Your Mobile

1. Phishing

How do you define this negative activity? In very simple terms, it is regarded as a criminal task where a hacker impersonates another individual identity by contacting you via phone calls, emails to take confidential information from your account. Usually, phishing agents will assume these identities.

  • As your bank executive, they can call and inform that you have a problem with your account.
  • They will try to convince unless you reveal proper information, your personal account can get closed.
  • A delivery agent telling you have won a prize, and need to pay online money for getting the gift.
  • The website owner who offers discounts, coupons or free gift cards.

There is one aspect, which every phishing conman try to target – that of fear. Either in call or via text messages, they will try to make you log on to the account and make use of the password. If you fail to check the source, you can end up losing the money.

The only way to prevent phishing is basic common sense. In this article, information is also given on the types of phishing and how to prevent them.


2. SMS Based Phishing

Every now and then, check your mobile. One day, you find a text which has come from your bank stating to call one number, since they need some personal information. You read the message and then check the bank link. It is given in the form of a short form URL. You determine that the message is false and a type of phishing via text. It is known as smishing.

The second situation.

You have got a text message stating that you need to log into your bank account to fill up a form. When you check the bank link, it is an exact replica of your bank link and name, except for two changes in the alphabet. So, this message is also another aspect of phishing and you trash the message.


3. Email Phishing

You have received an e-mail from your bank stating that a few details have to be added to the account. When you check the mail, you find that there is no personal salutation and the words are generally such as Sir and Madam. And the content in the message has given a link to log on to the bank website. This is the first time your bank has sent such a message, so you get suspicious. When you check the spelling of the original bank website, then there is a change in the spelling. And the telephone number is also different. You trash the email.

Tip- Please note that reputed banks and companies will never send a general message. They will properly send it to the customer.


4. Call Phishing

The most number of phishing attempts is done via a conversation. The voice phishing is known as vishing and it involves interaction. The conman can pretend to be your bank member or other financial institution.

But there are certain similarities in the way, the calls are made.

  • No national bank authority will ask you to share the personal confidential information.
  • You get suspicious by the number
  • The caller is trying to make you log in to the website to reveal personal information.
  • If you get a little doubt of suspicion, then just get an excuse and hang the phone.


Other Methods To Prevent Phishing

A. Social Media Phishing

The entire world has gone digital. And a billion among the world population log on to social media such as Facebook and Instagram by mobile. Please note, hackers use duplicate accounts to make friends with you to share the details.  

B. Websites

Always check the website before you put the details. The phishing website will look similar to your bank website. And once you enter the details, the hacker can get the details.

C. Apps

It is true, that apps are the means of communication between you and the mobile. But do not download the apps from every other website. Just download from Google play store or Apple Play store. They will have every security measure installed to prevent malware containing apps or fake apps.  



The other way to prevent phishing from your mobile is installing caller ids. So you can get to know if the number is from a reputed institution.

It is not always, that the phishing guys will try these types. There can be other methods also. They can try to install malware or spyware to get confidential information. For example, do you let the children play with the mobile? Then chances are that they may have downloaded a malware in the mobile. You got the doubt when you noticed a new app which asked for the payment in very less amount in Indian rupees. You, no doubt, deleted the app, but still, think malware has got installed. So, the situation calls for maintenance from a mobile repair technician. If you are in Mumbai, it is easy to get the service from the technician. The reason, there are many companies who offer doorstep repair service of home appliances. You just need to download their app and then search for the best technician skilled in online mobile repairing in Mumbai. The other advantage, you can make the technician come to your home or other desired location at your own time. And the mobile expert can fix the problem in quick time.

Have you read the article on how to prevent phishing from your mobile? If you want to get more information about keeping the mobile secure, opt for the newsletter on our website.


Ranganath M

Ranganath M has a keen interest in photography. He is also a digital marketing expert. He is well-known as the Vice President of Promotions for the home appliance service company, Bro4u.

Ranganath M Ranganath M has a keen interest in photography. He is also a digital marketing expert. He is well-known as the Vice President of Promotions for the home appliance service company, Bro4u.