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5 Gadgets That Will Help Keep You Cool At Night



5 Gadgets That Will Help Keep You Cool At Night

Have you ever woken up too hot?

It’s not uncommon. In fact, waking up too warm is an issue for millions of people for a variety of reasons. Sleep is such an essential part of our overall health, and it makes sense to spend some time making sure you are well-rested.

A Little-Known Fact:

Did you know an average person sleeps about twenty-five years of their life? I personally subscribe to the idea that if I were to walk a third of my life, I would take a close look at really good shoes!

With that piece of trivia knowledge in our back pockets let’s take a look at a few of the highest-rated gadgets out there that can change your nighttime experience from feeling like you’re baking in a sauna to sleeping deeply on a cool cloud.

#1. Bedjet

Bedjet uses a straightforward system and an ultra-quiet fan to blow a cool (or warm!) air current under your blankets and into your bed.

You’re In Control

You control both the temperature and fan speed with a wireless remote or a Bluetooth smartphone app. Installation is a “breeze” and takes minutes. Added bonus: the design allows for couples to sleep at their own individual comfortable temperature by positioning the fan on either side of the bed, or in the middle.

Bedjet works with your existing bed and your bedding, which upgrades your sleeping experience to 2.0!

#2. Tupik

Did you know a typical 3500-watt air conditioner if run overnight for eight hours will add up to over $85 a month? For a lot of people, cooling an entire house or apartment overnight is a colossal waste of money.

Tupik uses a clever tent to enclose the space around your bed. You then use a small and efficient air conditioning unit to cool just the area you need instead of an entire house or room.

Tupik keeps you cool while paying for itself and continues to save you money!

#3. BFan

Here is another fan that blows a gentle breeze under your blankets and sheets, but the difference is that the Bfan is only a fan. The benefit of this is that it cools both you and your bed using a principle known as convection.

The quiet motor blows a gentle breeze directly into your bed so you can turn down your air conditioner and turn up your Bfan.

#4. Chilipad

Climate control is something we take for granted. Our houses, cars, and offices all allow you and I to control our own comfort.

So why can’t we control the climate of our beds?

Chilipad solves that problem. Temperature regulation is one of the most critical factors for quality restorative sleep. How does the Chilipad work; it heats or cools a small amount of water and circulates that water through the pad on your bed.

My initial thought was that you could feel the tiny tubes in the pad, or that it might leak and I would someday wake up with water all over me. After looking at hundreds of happy reviews, those concerns were put to bed. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but there have been no reports of leaks.

Here are a few of the benefits of the Chilipad:

  • Temperature is adjustable between 55-100°F (13-43°C)
  • Comes in all standard bed sizes from single to king (even California king!)
  • Allows you to adjust the temperature of each side of the bed individually
  • A 90-day satisfaction guarantee, and 2-year warranty

If you want to take a deep dive into Chilipad, I recommend to check out this review.

#5 Eight Sleep Pod

Eight Sleep puts emphasis on the fact that sleep = fitness. Even if you’re not a gym buff it is hard to deny that enabling better sleep also allows for better performance with everything you do from work to working out.

The Eight Sleep Pod also uses the flow of water to warm and cool each side of the bed individually, but this time, we’re dealing with an entire smart mattress. Eight Pod has a huge list of impressive features and uses a system called “if-this-then-that,” which allows you to set up triggers.

For instance, if your alarm goes off, then you can set it up, so your bed gets gradually warmer, and your coffee maker turns on!

On top of those features, this smart mattress also monitors both you and your environment. This includes:

  • Time slept
  • How long it takes for you to fall asleep
  • The time you wake up in the morning
  • Your respiratory rate
  • Your heart rate and how it varies during the night
  • The temperature of the bed, and also the temperature in the bed
  • How many times you wake up during the night
  • When you were sleeping lightly, deeply, or in REM sleep

It Keeps An Eye On You Too

Another remarkable feature is the Smart Temperature Mode, which you can turn on or off. This allows or disallows your mattress to automatically make adjustments during the night for optimal sleep. This function is powered by machine learning feedback from your sleeping habits and needs.

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