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5 Proven Ways In Which IoT Can Transform Human Resources



If we talk about business automation and transformation, IoT is certainly the next big thing! A name frequently heard of yet feebly implemented, the Internet of Things has complete potential to take the corporate world by storm. Think of the largest and the most versatile department that controls half of the workflow in any organization and Human Resources is the first one that comes to mind. HR software in India can hardly perform half of the functions precisely. Now, imagine if this humongous unit of every company incorporates IoT to administer its end-to-end processes, what wonders it would do to the business growth. Sounds huge, right? As an employer, all the HR operations that bugged you in the past with some never-ending complexities and unnecessary time consumption involved, IoT is your golden key! 

So, what is the wait for? Let us quickly have a look at the 5 sure-shot ways IoT can change the HR sphere for better:

VR & AR – The Game Changers

In the age where voice and speech recognition devices like Cortana, Alexa, Siri, and Google Home have taken everyone by surprise, have you wondered what impact Augmented and Virtual can create altogether? Specifically, in the HR domain, imagine how many responsibilities will be off the employees’ shoulders! All the time candidates take to travel to the interview spots, the emergency situations when employees are unable to show up at the office, the restrictions faced when they work from home and other prevalent concerns like these can be resolved just with the implementation of this top-notch technology. It will almost feel similar to the physical presence of the employee/ candidate without them actually being present on the premises.

Multitasking Through Mechanization

The gamut of HR operations can be easily performed with zero manual intervention using IoT adaptation to one’s company. Be it tracking attendance, managing performance or invigilating daily activities, with the boon of the Internet of Things, you can do it all effortlessly. Not only reducing the physical tasks, but you can also create your own database to answer FAQs for employees like What is ESI, how to calculate EPF, when is an appointment letter issued among others. Time, energy, money and other resources are automatically brought down by switching to IoT. 

Data Management & Security

Given the impeccable features of IoT and its amalgamation with the Cloud, data storage and transfer is not a problem anymore. Moreover, you can provide a conducive and hi-tech environment to manage a large amount of data/ information to market, sell and expand your business using IoT. The cherry on top is that while implementing IoT, the GDPR and other norms are such that data confidentiality, privacy, and security will be the least of your worries.

Real-Time Workflow Analysis

HR software is not efficient enough to execute functions beyond a certain level of automation. So, interfacing OBD (On-board Diagnostics) and other sensing devices with IoT lets you keep watch on the ongoing processes in the organization saved on a dedicated database to analyze later. This way, you can track the workflow in real-time and use the same data to perform business productivity analysis later.

Quantifiable Business Insights

If employees wore or carried smart devices with them, it would not only enhance engagement but also make it easy to manage the workforce and track productivity. It will give you accurate numbers to follow while quantifying and analyzing their performances. IoT enables actionable analytics at work, thereby improving the agility of the whole HR department and their delivery/ reaction time.