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5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health



Technology Can Improve Your Health

Advances in technology are being made almost daily, and it’s no wonder that machines have been given such a large role to play in our lives. However, this time we won’t be talking about elevators, computers, or vehicles. Instead, we will mention the health benefits that come from technology, as it can truly have an astounding effect. Some machines exist to be used by medical professionals in hospitals and clinics, while some apps and gadgets can be used anywhere; for instance, many people download apps to track their daily calorie intake and training schedule. If you haven’t used such devices, you might change your mind.


5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

Water Purifiers

To start simple, we’ll mention water filters as they have been with us for some time. It was once debatable whether these purifiers truly did what they promised, but science has, over time, proven them to be effective. They’re a common sight at homes and even at certain schools, removing bacteria and dust from water. While drinking one glass of unclean water will often come with no repercussions, it will affect us over time. And don’t make any mistake; water in the city can be just as contaminated as any other. People living in towns believe that there’s no danger, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe. Water purifiers are a great example of how technology is bringing us one step closer to a healthy life.


Fitness Trackers

Inactivity is a common problem and leads to issues that can easily be avoided. Weight gain, chronic pain problems and, in some cases, lower productivity are all results of a sedentary lifestyle. Fitness trackers are gadgets that have helped numerous people improve their routines. These watches come with various options and benefits; some track our calorie intake, others keep track of our heart rate, and they can even track our statistics while we’re asleep. 

How does this help? For example, everyone has an ideal amount of sleep that will prepare them for the next day. By measuring heart rate, breathing, even twitches you may have while asleep, fitness trackers can ascertain if you should work on your sleeping schedule.

As these watches are “tailored” to each individual’s needs, you’ll be able to set realistic goals for yourself and stay motivated. Far too many people give up on their fitness dreams as they start believing that they’re not making progress. Whether it’s regarding preparation for a marathon, losing weight, or just wanting to improve your health in general – any indication of change for the better helps immensely.



It’s not rare that people simply can’t give up an addiction, especially when it comes to smoking. In these types of cases where nothing else works, doctors often advise smokers to switch to a healthier choice. E-cigarettes are the technological solution that has helped reduce nicotine intake for many people. In essence, these cigars use high temperatures to melt a certain fluid and create vapor which contains much less nicotine than the traditional cigarette. Still, while being a safer approach to nicotine, e-cigars aren’t simple to use. For anyone thinking about switching to a healthier way of smoking, the best move is to buy one of the e-cig starter kits and inform yourself a bit about e-cigars in general. There are plenty of guides online which explain techniques, how to inhale the vapor properly, and how they work in general.



Technology has a pivotal role to play in healthcare, as it has found a use in almost every field of medicine. Beginning at the lab, people are researching diseases, how they spread and how we can prevent them. Diagnosticians used to have trouble figuring out the exact problem a patient has, or blood analysis could take too long to finish. The work doctors do, however, has never been more proficient thanks to the increasing precision of their equipment. 

Furthermore, some devices keep our bodies working as they should. Most of them are simply attached to the outside of our body, while implants are likely to become a commodity in the near future. For instance, most of us have heard of pacemakers. While they might not sound like anything special, these gadgets send electrical impulses to the heart, having it work in proper rhythm. They are lifesavers for an immeasurable amount of patients. Not to mention MRI machines and similar systems which help medical professionals detect issues that can easily be missed otherwise.


Psychological Influence

While the practical effect technology has on our lives is obvious, we need to acknowledge the influence it has on our outlook in general. When we need to visit the dentist, many of us are scared. However, compared to yanking out a tooth by force, nothing the dentist might do seems that bad, does it? Every piece of technology that is implemented in the different branches of medicine is suited to the patient and created for comfort alongside efficiency. 

Fitness trackers and smartphone applications have a large influence as well. The details that are tracked by these machines take the burden off of athletes so that they can focus on their training. On the other hand, they can be a tracker for the progress you make. Have you tried competing with your friends? You might get an extra jolt of motivation if you start comparing your results with others, maybe even online. Every little shove counts when you’re moving towards a goal.


We’ve all heard how technology is a bad influence since the day computers became common in our day to day lives. This isn’t always the case, and to be completely honest, it seldom is. The longer machines are part of our lives, the more we will adapt to them. This kind of adaptation doesn’t necessarily mean that we will forget about our wellbeing. Games are highly addicting, but they increase attention and improve our problem-solving. Water and food are becoming healthier, and we are finding alternatives to the habits that will harm us in the long run. Things are only going to get better!

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