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6 Essential Features Of Effective Website Homepage Designs



6 Essential Features Of Effective Website Homepage Designs

The homepage is probably the most important section of a website. This is the first page viewed by most of the visitors to the interface. A good homepage captures the attention of the target audience. It encourages people to check out the other sections of the interface. It also serves as a quick information guide for the brand it represents. In short, the section has the potential to increase user engagement but also boost conversion. All effective website homepage designs have some common features. This does not mean that all successful interfaces appear the same. However, if you take a close look, you will find that the strategy used in designing the best homepages is more or less the same. Following is a list of the essential features of all-powerful homepage layouts.

1. Attention-grabbing Color Scheme

The color scheme is an important aspect of web design. Expert professionals use shades to emphasize on vital elements like text or images. They employ color as a guiding tool to move visitors around a layout. The palette for a page needs to be chosen carefully. The hues must be pleasing to the human eye and be in synchronization with the overall branding strategy. The color scheme must immediately grab the attention of website visitors and encourage them to spend more time. It is not that you need to use too many shades to create a compelling effect. Take a look at the image given below. Only a single color has been used to create maximum impact.

2. Readable Typography Which Engages Audiences

Most people do not give too much importance to typography elements. The right font can make your interface more accessible and increase the engagement of your visitors. Most people scan through web content and pause to read, only if something holds their interest. Some users want to use creative elements to impart a distinct look to their layout. However, this will not always be the correct approach. You must give top priority to readability and choose fonts accordingly. Featured here is a screenshot of a suicide prevention lifeline website. The text immediately conveys that it belongs to the non-profit and the important message is also read easily.

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3. Integration Of Branding Elements

A website is not just a source of providing information. In fact, it is a powerful marketing tool in today’s digitally connected world. Branding elements need to be integrated into the design in order to create a distinct image of the entity the website is representing. In case, you already use some branding elements, then they must be included in the layout. If you are building everything from scratch, then you need to carefully choose the items right from the logo, images, typography, and the color palette. All strong website homepage designs are easily recognizable by their logo. The unique symbol is usually placed in the top left-hand corner but some interfaces put it right in the center to create an impact. Most of us are familiar with the 007 logos, associated with James Bond. See how the official website of the film franchise uses the logo on its homepage.


4. Clear Navigation Menus To Help Visitors

Content management systems have become popular because they help people in easily managing their websites. Existing owners convert HTML to WordPress theme or any other CMS to acquire a website which they can modify themselves. If you are a WordPress user, you will find that most of the pre-built themes have a clear navigation scheme. An image of the homepage of a WordPress theme is shown below. See how all major navigation links have been clearly displayed right on top. This helps people in easily moving through and exploring an interface.


5. Call To Action For Driving Conversions

Each website is built for achieving a specific goal. Some users want to add more members to their community while others would like to conduct more sales through their interfaces. Calls to action are important tools which entice visitors to take the desired action. A CTA tells visitors what they should do next. Including a compelling CTA on the front page is necessary if you want to achieve your objective. The image shown here is a screenshot of the GeneratePress website which sells WordPress themes. See how the “Install” CTA is displayed right in the middle to encourage users to download the product.

6. Display Social Proof To Inspire Trust

Business owners must use the front section of their interface to inspire trust in the audience. The best way to do is by displaying social proof. Client testimonials in text or video format must be placed towards the bottom of the page. They must also mention the awards won by them by displaying the relevant logos. Be careful and do not put in too many elements so that the tone does not sound overly promotional. In the image shown here, the website simply showcases its achievements and does not display any review or testimonial.




These are some key elements which must be a part of the first page of your website. If you use a CMS then services like a WordPress plugin development company will help you choose an appropriate page builder plugin to design a powerful layout.

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