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6 Interesting Apps to Make Friends Around the World



6 Interesting Apps to Make Friends Around the World

Want to make new friends but can’t find the people who share the same interests you have? No need to worry anymore as we have brought for you 6 cool apps using which you will be able to connect to new people who share the same interests that you have. These apps will help you to make local as well as International friends so keep on reading and know about these apps in detail. 



As the name suggests, this app lets you connect with people and meet them in person to know them in a better way. You can talk for long hours and discuss the mutual interests that you share. You can talk about your past or current studies, reliable help me write my essay platforms, college life, first jobs, vacations, pets, or anything else that comes to your mind. In the digital world where all our talks have got limited to the chats, this app has taken the initiative to meet in person and have a good time knowing each other.

After your first meeting, you will meet again for a coffee or a movie if you find the first meeting pleasurable enough. 

This app uses your location to find nearby people for you. Add your interests and bio to it and 6 apps to make friends around the world to make new friends. You can also invite them to your house and have a cup of coffee together. 



Patook is a popular app and many people are using it to connect and make new friends. You have to just download and install it on your phone and start using it. 

It will show you connections that share the same interests and opinions. Just add your age to get the people of similar age. You can connect to local people as well as International people with this app. Make some International friends with this app and know their culture and their nation in a better way. 



It is one of the oldest apps that allow people to connect people with local people and International people too. There are numerous people who have joined this app so you will find a lot of people having varied interests.

Download and install the app and signup first. You can use your Google or Facebook account to sign up too. The best part is that it is a free app so you won’t need to pay anything.  

There are multiple settings within the app based on which you can filter the type of people you want to connect with. You can select the interests, age, location and much more. 


Make new connections and start chatting with them to know more about them. You can also send pictures, emojis, and gifts to your new friends. You can chat with them as long as you wish so just start using the app and make the friendship bond stronger.



Another oldest app on the list is this one: Badoo. It is also absolutely free. Set the localization as per your choice and start searching for new friends. You can also find the love of your life, that’s the interesting part of this app. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


People Hunt

This iPhone app is for those who prefer to meet a single person and not a group. It will help you connect with people who have the same interests as you have. You can meet them in person and have long discussions on common topics.

Many times it happens that at our college or our office, we don’t find the right person who shares the same interests and thoughts that we have. Our co-workers have different interests, hobbies and talking to them doesn’t give us a good time. At such times, such apps can help us connect to the right people with whom we can have a good time. 

Download and install the app first. Now, sign up entering your details. You can alternatively use Facebook for the same. Now, choose your interests and add some bio to it so people can know you better.

Just connect to the right people via this app and meet them in the city to have a great time discussing on your favorite topics. You can also meet to watch a good movie and for having fun at a night club. 



We can’t forget Instagram over here. Though it is a social media platform, we can still use it to connect to new people and make new friends. We can read the Bio of new people and send a connection request to them if we find it matching to our interests. If you want to make new friends, don’t hesitate to send connection requests over this platform too. 

So, here was a detailed overview of the 6 apps to make friends around the world. Just get any of the above apps over your phone and connect to new people.

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