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6 Technologies That Will Change The Globe



6 Technologies That Will Change The Globe

From a few past years, the development in technology is improving and everywhere new technologies are developing. Nowadays, in every field, you will find new technology which is changing the globe. Technologies like cloud computing, multi-touch tablets, and Smartphones are changing the way human beings are working. Technologies are improving and will improve more.

In the future, I expect that human beings will live like the people in science fiction movies are living. These technologies are very much developed and will improve the way human beings live and work.


Here are the 6 technologies that will change the globe.


  1. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is the form of Virtual Reality gaming which is developing. With the help of Virtual Reality, you can play the video game in a 3D headset and you feel very much interesting.

With the help of Oculus Rift, you get an entertaining experience while playing the video game. You can imagine how you can feel while playing the game because mentally you are inside the video game.

With the help of Rift’s virtual world, you can see the world in the high-resolution display. In the market, premium product also available which can do the same thing.  

But you can enjoy the experience at $300 with the help of Rift. I feel that this technology are the beginning revolution for future generation’s gaming.

Virtual Reality is almost popular in all over the globe and it is making its way in every field. Now, Virtual Reality is also attributed to the Sword Art Online game which is anime series and it features characters playing the game in a Virtual world.

Few more year could be taken to reach the level of realism. But in a few years, we could see lots of unbelievable things will be developed in the globe.


  1. Google Glass

Google Glass is the advanced form of Augmented Reality which is created by Google. Augmented Reality is already entered in our lives in the form of education app and simulated experiment.

Augmented Reality plays an important in our day to day life. And Google Glass is the new form of Augmented Reality which helps you to see Google Maps, social media feeds, take photos, text and also navigate with GPS.  

With the help of Google Glass, you can get the latest updates when you walk on the ground. In ordinary language, Google Glass is a vision and Google’s co-founder has made the Glass with creatives and skydivers.

Google Glass is now rear because it is not available everywhere. Only some developers have the Google Glass at price tag $1500. But some tech industries are making this device at an affordable price tag.


  1. Leap Motion

Leap Motion is the advance technological trend which lets you control the desktop with the finger without touching the screen. A few years back, Multi-touch desktop was developed and it was rejected.

The multi-touch desktop was rejected because hands could get very tired due to prolonged use of the desktop. Then Leap Motion is developed with new advanced ideas and this device will challenge dark area.

Leap Motion is the typical motion sensor which helps you to zoom in the photos and map, sign the document, scroll the web page, play a first person shooter game such as PUBG only with finger and hand movements. 

The price tag of this feature is only $70. If you play the game with Oculus Rift and Leap Motion then you can get an entertaining experience.   


  1. Eye Tribe

Eye Tribe is the advanced technology which can allow you to control the things only at your one eye movements. For example with the help of Eye Tribe, you can control your smartphone, play the Fruit Ninja and flight simulator game only at your one eye movements.

This year, Eye tracking discussed by the technology enthusiasts but it was very difficult to implement this technology. But Eye Tribe has done an impossible thing to be possible.

Eye Tribe is the basic eye-tracking technology which combines the front camera and computer-vision algorithm. In this year, a live demo was done in the LeWeb but next year it will be seen in the smartphone.

Some companies are also trying to make these technological devices available in the consumer market. But they want partnership for making this awesome and advanced device.


  1. Form 1


Form 1 is a 3D personal printer and the price of this printer is $2799. 3D printing is the technology that can convert a digital design into the real product.

3D printing is an old technology for the advanced mechanical organization. The personal 3D printer is a revolutionary idea and every professional can make their own physical product with the help of a personal 3D printer.

Form 1 is very much advanced personal printer and to run these printers no approval needed from the manufacturer. The Aston Martin of James Bond which was crashed in the movie was made by Form 1.

The price of Form 1 is very much reasonable because to get more production of your own prototype. In future, I expect that every individual professional has their own creative physical products in mass quantity.

If you want more information about the latest and advanced technology then go to which can help you to get the information about advanced technologies.


  1. Google Driverless Car

Few years before, I was watching iRobot movie with my younger brother and that time my age was the 17-year world. That time my younger brother has said that in the future you will see the driverless car.

Now, it is possible because of search engine company Google which has made the driverless car in reality.

Google Driverless Car is made with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The cars can get input from the video camera which is attached inside the car.

In the Google driverless car, the sensor is attached at the top of the car which are position sensors and radar is also attached at the top of the car. 


These 6 technology that will change the globe and also change the way human beings are living and doing their works and these technologies are very much advanced.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.