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7 Apps That Will Help You Get More Out of Your Android Phone



7 Apps That Will Help You Get More Out of Your Android Phone

With brand new android phones just out and even more along the way I thought it’d have been considered a good time for you to release an alternative set of neat-o Android programs. Some may help you become more productive, some may just help you have more pleasure.

(Notice: Some of these are paid applications. As with iPhone programs, an initial rush of free applications while in the Android store seems to be giving way to higher-quality, low-priced applications that allow developers to devote more time and attempt to upkeep and support.)

1. A K Notepad

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A K Notepad can be actually a basic memo pad for both Android, with a couple of niceties. The interface color and text size are nicely customized, and it can be set to automatically convert all email addresses and URLs into clickable links (useful for remembering websites you view from ads or magazine articles while you’re out and about). Since Android doesn’t sync to your desktop computer the way Palm and Apple devices do, then there isn’t any direct way to get notes off your phone, however individual notes can be sent by email (or alternative apps that allow it) along with all your notes can be exported into your SD card also opened out of the device whenever you plug in to your PC’s USB. (Text files in your personal computer can also be placed in your SD card also opened from A K Notepad.)

2. Dial Zero

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Route your requirements around pesky (and slow) voice mail systems with Dial Zero, a database of workarounds for tens of thousands of companies. Each entry includes the organization’s main phone number (that it’ll pass into the dialer in the event you press on the green “phone dial” button), a description of how to reach an operator or broker, and also comments from others that have used the program.

3. Hi-Hiker

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Meant for wilderness explorers, Hi-Hiker also functions as a great physical fitness program. Functions include a GPS tracker, pedometer, stopwatch, weather information, maps, an altimeter, a compass, a flashlight, and also a quick-dial button to call for emergency help. Most of the functions make use of the GPS; therefore make sure you have the complete charge before leaving”home base” for too long!

4. Freedom App

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Freedom, since the name, says it provides you the freedom to download some android program’s in-app purchase. By using freedom you can get the in-app purchase of a program for free. You can get the ads free version of a program if it’s available and you can even get the upgrades in games using freedom program. However, your Android has to be rooted for using Freedom apk to hack in-app Android purchases. There are a lot of apps like Freedom app, there are a lot of other apps too that allows you to do in-app purchases for free for example: lucky patcher, free hack etc.

5. Places Directory

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Places Directory was designed with a Google employee, which means you realize that it’s good. It can get your location either by the GPS or by the nearest cell tower. Give it a long-press to dial up a phone number or open a map; along with perhaps a short-press for advice and user reviews (each press opens a various contextual menu). A compass needle will inform you what direction you’re headed and what direction to proceed, also you can spare a set of your favorite places (to quickly look for a Starbucks at a strange town, for instance).

6. Qi

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Shoot and stream live video on your phone with Qi. You can have Qi send out a tweet whenever you’re recording, also you can embed your audio from different internet sites using the automatically-generated embed code. The sole downside is you may burn through your battery in a pretty quick rate — however, it’s useful for catching quick clips on the move in case you never have a camcorder handy.

7. Skype Lite

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Skype everything you want in your Android phone using Skype Lite. Works fine over 2 g, and imports all of your Skype contacts along with additional account information. When you have Skype In, you can even get Skype calls onto your Android phone!