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7 Apps to Create Amazing CHARTS ONLINE in a FLASH



7 Apps to Create Amazing CHARTS ONLINE in a FLASH

As a Data whizz, I’m always fascinated to present data in an attractive way. When you aim to buy an essay or a research paper, you expect that websites like the EssayHub essay service will provide you not with a wall of boring numbers, don’t you? The presentation of data should be reader-friendly, simple and understandable. But why I’m saying this?

Because no matter how much you are good in crunching numbers and data, if you can’t present them in an understandable way, they can’t make an impact.

But sometimes creating a chart is not that easy and to overcome this problem you need to have a tool which can help you to create a chart with least efforts.

In this post, I have listed 7 apps which you can use and create graphs and charts in no time. So let’s get started.

1. Vizzilo

If you want to create JAW DROPPING charts VIZZILO is your tool and that’s why I love it. Their chart gallery is a pot of GOLD which can help you to understand which chart is useful in which situation.

You can create more than 100 charts using VIZZILO. And once you select a chart you can either add data from a spreadsheet or simply add each entry one by one.

The only thing is they have a PAID plan. There’s a FREE plan as well but it comes with a watermark with every chart. If you really want to make your DATA presentation STAND OUT you must try it once.

2. Canva

I recently got an email from one of their team members to try out their new charting tool.

It actually amazed me. If you need to create basic charts you can simply go with it. You can find all the charting options at Elements ➜ All ➜ Charts.

Once you select a chart to create, you’ll get an option at the right side and to enter the data (add directly into the cells or you can also paste it from a spreadsheet).

After finishing your chart you can export it in different formats, create a presentation for it, and share it with someone on email + social media.

The one thing which I found nice about CANVA is your charts will be there in your account and you’ll be able to use them in future as well.

Must try out their new Scatterplot chart maker.

3. LiveGap Charts

Creating a chart is not just about simply creating it but about CREATIVITY as well and LiveGap got this thing for you.

I love some of their charts which are AMAZINGLY creative. There are 9 different types of charts which you can create with LIVEGAP app.

There are also some ready to use chart template which you can use or get inspired to create your own charts. You just need to enter the data ➜ select the chart ➜ save and share it.

4. ChartGo

If you want something free, simple, and to the point, then CHARTGO is what you need.

The thing I like about the CHARTGO is it’s pretty simple to use and give you all the options to customize the charts as per your needs.

You can create a line, bar, area, and a pie chart. You can directly enter the data into the tool or you can simply upload an Excel file or a CSV.

And once you create your chart it gives you multiple options to download it like, PDF, image or simply take a printout.

5. Google Sheets

If you want to manage your data and a chart in the same spreadsheet then Google Sheet is for you. In Google Sheets, you have the option to create all the major chart which one requires to present his data.

Once you prepare your data for a chart, you can simply select the desired chart from the Insert ➜ Chart option. There are more than 30 charts which you can create int google sheets.

Once you insert a chart, you have all the options to customize it. You can change the chart color, add grid lines, and many more.

And if you use Google Drive it is really easy for your share these charts with anyone (even on a real-time basis).

Google Sheets also gives you an option to import your chart as an image, PDF, or vector file. Click on the top right side of the chart see all the exporting options.

6. Excel Online

I’m a desktop Excel user and prefer to create all kind of charts in it (Basic or Advanced). But in Excel’s Online app they have added all those charts which anyone can require to present its data

No wondering there’s 33 types of charts which you can create. Just line Google sheets, Excel Online gives you all the option to customize your chart.

Add chart title, data table, and even you can change chart type with a single click. And the best part is you can download the workbook to your system and open it offline (EXCEL Desktop).

7. ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks (as they claim) is “The world’s easiest chart builder app.”

You can create a chart with it in 5 simple steps, upload your data (or enter it manually) Select the chart type ➜ Select the series to define in the chart ➜ Choose the template ➜ Download the chart or share it (if you want).

With ChartBlock you can create more than 5 different kinds of charts which have further subtypes.

Final Thoughts

All the Apps which I have shared with you have their relevance according to what kind of App you want. But I really want you to try them to find which is perfect for you.

And make sure to share this post with your friends as well, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Puneet is the Co-Founder at EXCELCHAMPS and SHEETSMOJO. He helped thousands of people to understand the power of the spreadsheets. You can find him online, tweeting about Excel, on a running track, or sometimes hiking up a mountain.