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7 Top-of-the-Box Online Payroll Services for Small Firms



Payroll Services

Dealing with payrolls is one of the major challenges for small firms. If you do not have a concrete system of measuring payrolls, similar to the issue which the majority of the small firms face, it will result in payroll issues every month. According to sources, one-third of every small firm in the U.S gets punished by the IRS for payroll issues. Payroll services and software can help small firms to comprehend the payroll system while explaining to them about how to access important forms and manage information.

Payroll software makes your life easy since they calculate wages, pay your employees through direct deposit, and also file taxes for your firm. By choosing software for your firm, you can get rid of legal issues, clerical errors and save time which you can invest somewhere else. Based on their reputation, here are the top payroll services you can choose according to your needs.



It is probably the best overall payroll software for small firms since it features full human resources and payroll along with tax support at a low cost. It is also user-friendly since you do not need to be an HR expert to use Gusto. The base price is $39 per month which is quite low compared to the services it provides. Gusto handles all the payrolls and tax compliances you will expect and provides new hiring reports to you every month. After you complete your set up, the automated options will allow you to pay the employees salary at regular intervals. Users generally have positive reviews about Gusto since they like the self-service features and the fact that it is user-friendly. However, Gusto also lacks certain features, such as it does not send automated law posters because the company expects you to download them for free. Gusto only provides its health features in 24 states which are one of its deficiency which users should consider before buying the software.


Intuit Payroll

It can be easily connected with the QuickBooks software — which is the best accounting software for small firms. Intuit Payroll provides complex features such as multiple pay schedules and has the option of splitting direct deposits so that you can deposit it into multiple accounts. The pricing plan works related to the features you require ranging from $55-$95 per month. Once Intuit QuickBooks is set up, it allows you a high level of customization. Although the software is complex, the navigation updates help you use different features according to your needs and tutorials are also present if you need help. Customers who are prior users of QuickBooks love the features that this software provides, but generally, the reviews are mixed due to the high charges.


Patriot Software

This software is suitable for firms looking for a budget-friendly option. The pricing generally starts at $10 per month and it provides you great service, just like any other payroll services for small businesses but lacks other features, such as HR functions. Apart from payroll, it can also fill your tax forms, but will not file them. It also does not integrate with any third parties meaning you have to duplicate entries if you want your data to enter in the general ledger. Setting up Patriot Software is a little difficult compared to Gusto, luckily you can get help over the phone which may be time-consuming. Although users generally like the ease of setup and the customer support team, they have complained about the upcharges and price increases. The feature of direct deposits being outsourced is also not appreciated.



It is similar to Gusto as it is an affordable option for small firms that can manage their payroll effectively. It allows firms flexibility in how they pay their employees, such as direct deposits, pay cards, and Paycor Official Checks. Paycor also offers facilities such as tax credit, workers compensation, and reporting. The implementation process begins by data verification and clients can be trained using two options. It also tests the system by performing a payroll run beforehand asking the client to repeat the task before finally handing the responsibilities to the clients. Paycor, however, only provides its facilities to companies located in the U.S.



If you require custom features and do not mind paying extra, ADP Run is the software for you. ADP Run’s pricing ranges from $20-$200 per month — depending on the number of employees and how often you do your payroll. Users generally like the system and features but complain that the initial setup is slow and problems take too much time to solve.



Paychex is similar to ADP but is the costliest of all software with pricing range from $77-$123 per month and require $200 as a setup fee. Although it provides the same features as other software, but can also be accessed from a mobile phone. It provides you with hundreds of customized reports. Users have a favorable response about Paychex due to the accuracy of its payroll and customer support. Paychex is complex because of its features which can feel overwhelming at times to small business owners.



Paycom provides basic payroll features such as managing earnings, deductions, and taxes. It also manages employee expense reporting and deductions. For setting up Paycom, you need to work with a client support representative who will help to configure the system for you. Unfortunately, it is not as user-friendly as Gusto due to its complex features. Users generally rate it 4 out of 5 stars as some complaint about its features being not user-friendly. You will need the training to use Paycom — unlike in Gusto and other new payroll software which are user-friendly. Training is a must, especially if you are not a payroll expert and the reports are hard to configure and implement.

Payrolls are very important as almost every employee works for money. Taking out the time to do their payrolls can be time-consuming, especially if you can spend that time doing some other tasks. The best way to solve this problem is to opt for a payroll service like the ones mentioned above!

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