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A image of SMD Screen

Introduction of LCD and SMD screen video walls in the market of Pakistan has led to our country taking an enormous leap in the field of technology. It is a vital step towards the overall prosperity that the country.


The SMD screen video wall can be described as a large visual display that is comprised of numerous LCD screens, which are commonly called “tiles.” These unique screens differ from televisions that are used in traditional settings and were designed specifically for these purposes.

Multiple LCD monitors specifically developed make up the LCD wall. The LCD monitors have smaller borders than the screens found for televisions. The result is a smaller space between panels creating the illusion of only one canvas.

The LCD walls were designed to last for long periods of time. As consequently they’re rarely shut off. They are able to play for years under ideal conditions if you take certain precautions to avoid burn-in effects.

Excellent brightness, excellent picture quality and a price that is reasonable are just a few of the traditional advantages of LCD wall systems. The benefit is the tiny size of the needed. The shorter life span and the risk of burn-in are disadvantages. However, these issues can be mitigated with modern models.

Lobbies, experience centers, as well as conference rooms and emergency rooms are the most common locations for LCD wall displays. They also are found in security and traffic center control rooms. In many places, like these video walls on LCD in Pakistan are in use.


Surface Mounted Devices are SMDs. Direct soldering of the LED onto the PCB is employed. A mobile, high-resolution, video wall system, known as “the Scalable Mobile Display (SMD) is intended for use in expeditionary plans under difficult situations. Its SMD Video Wall compresses into the boxes included for simple transport, and it can be swiftly and easily erected in any location SMD screen.

A video wall allows you to edit, manage and monitor the constantly changing content such as advertisements pictures and news, dashboards and more. With no changes to the display wall, the video walls can grow in size by simply putting additional units on the wall to increase the size of the.

Utilization for SMD video wall in outdoor areas:

The LED video wall outdoor solutions can create stunning visual experiences, can withstand the elements and even shine brightly in direct sunlight. They can be used for anything from backdrops for music venues, to transport and retail signs. They’re precisely where you need to put them. We have SMD Video walls with LEDs in the Pakistani stadiums, on the outside of shopping malls and real estate structures.


There’s a lot of data and information within every control room, office or public area which must information to be shared with employees, viewers or customers in order to draw their attention or trigger the desired response.  This proves that the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


In the present world of technology consumers require smart and engaging interactions from businesses. This is why employees expect similar behavior that their employer will exhibit. With the use of video walls you are able to make use of stunning images to entertain your employees and customers.

Visualization of Various Sources:

A video wall is often employed to display multiple different content sources. Video walls with LCD or SMD across Pakistan and around the world are now essential in the field of business in particular, but also for other reasons of entertainment and advertising. So, Optimum technology has emerged as a brand new digital signage business that is aiming to offer our customers an experience that is unforgettable.