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A GPS Tracking System For Teen Drivers Might Help Save Lives



GPS Tracking System

We believe that it is best to install the Car Monitor for Teens in the vehicle of your 17 or older to keep an eye on their driving speed. Having a system like this will help you deal with emergencies, such as an accident and also avoid any potential legal repercussions of your teenager’s driving habits being reported to either police authorities or insurance companies.

GPS Vehicle Monitoring System Can Empower Trust

If you want an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use driver tracking system, we recommend the ‘ GPS Vehicle Monitoring System. We say, “Trust-But-Verify”, a GPS vehicle monitoring system will act as a powerful deterrent for any negative behaviour. Furthermore, we believe that explaining to your teenager that a GPS vehicle system in their vehicle is implemented out of love and not mistrust. You want your teenager to live to their 21st Birthday…You also want the trust that exists between yourself and your teen to expand, having a GPS vehicle monitoring system, believe it or not, will empower you and your teen to build a stronger foundation of trust.

What About Cell Phones That Have GPS Built-In Can I Use That?

Installing a GPS vehicle monitoring device like the one listed below is great for keeping track of your car. Like a cell phone, this device helps you locate your vehicle by providing its location when you press a button. The only difference is that these devices are installed in your vehicle, not you, so they can be turned on and off at any time.

Know Your Teenager’s Vehicle Location If & When You Need To:

Equally important is the safety and security of your teenager. A vehicle installed with a GPS monitoring device will allow you to locate your vehicle’s position if the situation ever arose. Do not let your child drive without one!

Important Tips On How To Keep Your Teen Safe Behind The Wheel:

  • Teen drivers are at a higher risk of crashing when they are fatigued, according to a study. It found that teens driving for at least two hours in less than six hours were twice as likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Teen drivers are too distracted by their cell phones to respond to emergency calls and do not learn the skills needed to operate a vehicle safely
  • This is a must for parents. You don’t want your teen driving with 2 or more teens in the vehicle, but statistics show that over 86 percent of teen drivers under the age of 21 involved in traffic fatalities have 2 or more teens in their car. Protect your family by taking these steps to keep them safe from danger.
  • The safest time to get your teen involved in driving is during the day and not in the evening. But what are the dangers of being on the road at night? The answer is simple. Teen drivers are twice as likely to die in a crash when driving at night than during daylight hours.
  • With this dash camera for cars, you’ll get SMS text message alerts when your vehicle exceeds your set speed threshold and even more! Be alerted if you exceed the speed limit, or if your vehicle leaves or enters a specified geographical area. And as part of your subscription, you can receive email and/or cell phone notifications when you’re on or off the road.
  • With both GPS tracking systems you can turn any vehicle into a mobile security system that can be located at all times. The ability to instantly locate your vehicle is a standard feature with both GPS tracking systems, but each utility has its own methods for locating the car.

Ease Of Installation

Car cameras are simple and relatively inexpensive to install. Most car stereo or alarm shops can install these devices in a short period of time. Some national stores like Best Buy also offer installation services, so you can contact them directly to get started.