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Airpods Cleaning Guidelines – How To Clean Them At Home



Airpods Cleaning Guidelines

Did you know that the AirPods do not only get clogged with earwax, but also with dust, dirt, and grime? Well, that’s true! They can accumulate grime, dust, and dirt when they fall down and roll over under the car seat. When you pick them up, they’ll be full of germs and other grime.

Since you’ve always kept them in their charging case, you can rest assured that they’ve gotten dirty too. This is why you often face connectivity issues. Why are my Airpods Flashing Orange or why do the AirPods not connecting might be because the charging and the AirPods need to be cleaned.

How To Clean The Airpods At Home

If you want to easily clean your AirPods at home, then you will be needing a clean cloth, rubbing alcohol, a fine-edged tool, and a lot of patience. Below, we’ve mentioned some of the best tried and tested ways to clean the AirPods.

1. Best Way To Clean Airpods

Often the dust stuck in AirPods can affect their sound quality resulting in low volume. You might be wondering how to make your AirPods louder. To make it louder you have to clean it. For cleaning the AirPods, you will need a clean cloth, a tool with a fine edge, and rubbing alcohol. Don’t use anything sharp as it can damage the AirPods.

First just swipe the AirPods with the piece of cloth. Make sure that the cloth is not soaking wet. Now, use another piece of dry cloth to dry it. You can use rubbing alcohol too for removing stubborn stains from the outside of the AirPods.

  1. How To Remove Earwax From Airpods

Grab a fine-edged tool such as an ear swab, a toothpick, or a blunt bobby pin, and dig out the earwax from the inner side of the AirPods. Make sure that you carefully scrape the interior side of the AirPods.

Don’t use sharp tools for removing the earwax, you can end up with cuts or you might pierce the speaker. Not only will you have to clean the AirPods, but you also need to clean the silicone tips. Because no one would want to use a silicone tip that is full of icky earwax. You just need to take off the tips and rinse them in water. Dry them once they’re dried and just reattach them again.

  1. How To Clean The Charging Case

Now comes the cleaning of the charging case. To clean the charging case, you will have to repeat the same steps as you did for the AirPods. Clean the outer side of the case with a damp cloth. Right after removing the dirt, dust, and grime, you need to dry them with dried clothe. If you see stubborn stains, you can use rubbing alcohol too.

For removing debris from the port, you need to use a bristle brush. Make sure that the brush you’re using has a soft bristle, or you are going to damage the charging port.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to clean TheAirBudsPro, Airpod max, or the simple Airpods, you need to make sure that they do not get moisture inside them. Once the moisture goes inside, the hardware of the AirPods will start to malfunction.